Sunday In Pictures

Sunday In Pictures Vol. 28

Hello friends! How was your weekend? I have to say I had a pretty good one. Alex and I did some spring cleaning on Saturday and then had a fun day yesterday. All in all I won’t complain. The weather looks like it’s going to stay in normal spring temperature ranges this week so I’m pretty excited about that. In typical Monday fashion, I’m sharing our Sunday through pictures. Have a great day 🙂


We didn’t feel like cooking so Alex made bacon and I grabbed bagels from a local shop. I had a jalepeno bagel and the flavor was only their when I had bits of jalepeno in the bite. Not bad but I kind of expected better.


I went and got a much needed manicure in the morning. The gel color is Sailing & Nail-ing by O.P.I. which doesn’t seem to be available anymore but this one looks pretty similar!


A family date to the park. Bailey loved playing frisbee and you can see a video on my Instagram.


On the way home from the park we grabbed lunch. The place actually messed up my order but quickly delivered a correct wrap which was good.


Bailey got her first bath and she wasn’t a huge fan of it. Shortly after I took this picture she tried to jump out of the tub. Bath time is definitely a two man job for us.


Alex and I sat outside to look into some potential vacation spots.


The weekend ended on a fun note by walking to the bar near us for cocktails.


I tried making Alfredo sauce last night and for a first time it was good and won’t need too many changes. We paired the pasta with some breadsticks.


I read a little more of The Fountainhead. I’ll be honest, this book is taking me forever but I’m already 300+ pages in so I’m determined to (eventually) finish it.

Question of the day: What was the highlight of your weekend?

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Spring Cleaning Day 1

Happy Sunday everyone! I hope you’re having a great weekend so far. The weather here has been awesome since it’s sunny and 60! Is spring here for good? I’m crossing my fingers and toes that it is. Have a great day 🙂


Saturday started out with a 5 mile run. While running, I thought it was interesting how 3 weeks ago my long run was 14 miles and yesterday it was 5. That’s the funny thing about running. You can go from double digit miles to single digit miles (and vice versa) as a long run in just weeks. Overall it was a solid run and I had a 9:39 average mile pace. I tried to keep it between 9:45 and 10:15 minutes paces but apparently my legs wanted something a little faster and that’s okay.


When I got home, Bailey greeted me with lots of kisses while stretching. I think it’s time I start stretching outside so a puppy isn’t sitting on my lap while I attempt to stretch haha. I showered and got ready before making breakfast. We had a bagel in the freezer so I took half out and did a little open face egg and cheese sandwich. SO GOOD! I will definitely be doing this more since it’s incredibly easy and oh so tasty.


I headed to the grocery store to stock up for the week and then came home to get down and dirty. A few weeks ago, Alex and I said that since we’re staying in our apartment another year then let’s do a deep clean. Spring cleaning day 1 was yesterday. We started with the bedroom and worked together to tick everything off of the list. When I say deep clean, I mean it. We scrubbed the inside of the medicine cabinets. I’m not sure about you guys but that is an area that gets neglected when I clean the bathroom. Bailey was super helpful for us and took a little nap on some curtains that were waiting to be cleaned.


Once the bathroom was done, we started on the bedroom. Even though we were getting hungry we powered through to finish. Alex vacuumed and I made sandwiches for us. I put white American cheese, salami, ham, mustard and lettuce on mine then paired it with some carrots, celery and pretzels in hummus. The perfect lunch to enjoy in between cleaning.


Since the weather was so nice, we decided to clean out the outdoor storage closet since we were on a roll. AKA the place where we out everything we don’t really know what to do with it. Alex took everything out while I consolidated containers and got rid of things we don’t need anymore. We even created space for to store our new patio furniture which was awesome. Afterwards, we sat outside and enjoyed a beer while we relaxed from a full day of cleaning.


When the sun set we headed inside to get dinner going. I roasted brussel sprouts and made mashed potatoes while Alex grilled the chicken. I used a buffalo marinade on it and the chicken was seriously so juicy and tender. Delish! We ate and watched Billions before turning it off to chat for the night.

Question of the day: Did you do any spring cleaning?

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We’re Semi Adults

Hello and happy Saturday! Today is supposed to be 60 degrees and I can’t wait to sit outside later to enjoy it. I hope you have a great day 🙂


Friday started out like any other day this week. We woke up, played with Bailey a little and then made scrambled eggs for breakfast. I’m the biggest creature of habit when it comes to breakfast as you can see.

The strangest thing happened at work yesterday when the power completely shut off for about 10ish minutes. There’s back up generators but they didn’t kick back on like they have during some storms. Even the warehouse across the street lost power. So strange! It came back on but it was so weird although I can’t say my coworker and I weren’t hoping it meant we could work from home the second half of the day.


After work, I came home to change and then headed out for my run. I did 4 semi fast easy miles and some 100m strides at the end. I felt so good on all of it. Getting a tiny bit of speed into my legs felt good after the half. When I got home and tried to stretch, a furry friend decided that sitting on top of mom would be much more fun.


We ran out of the training treats we’ve been using with Bailey and needed a few other items so Alex and I headed to PetCo and Target. By the time we left PetCo I told Alex I was getting hungry and he joking said “let’s just go to KFC” since it was right across the street near the Target. After a quick Target run, we actually ended up at KFC. Honestly, I can’t say I hated it because I said earlier in the day that I was in a slump with our meals.

While eating dinner we were talking about a few different movies and said we should watch them soon. One of those was Ice Age and it was on HBO. So being the good adults we are, we got home and watched Ice Age before going to bed. Not only did we get fast food but we watched a 16 year old children’s movie last night. I know – we’re two wild people 😉

Question of the day: What was the last semi adult thing you did?

Weekly Obsessions

Weekly Obsessions XIII

Happy Friday! I’m pretty ecstatic for the weekend because it’s supposed to be in the 60s both days so you can’t beat that weather for April. Alex and I don’t have anything major planned but I think it will be a fun weekend nonetheless. Have a great day 🙂

Hilarious Article

Screen Shot 2018-04-19 at 12.41.24 PM

I don’t remember where I came across this Buzzfeed article but I stumbled upon it and it cracked me up. It’s 21 stories from Tumblr that had me laughing the entire time. Each of the stories is so funny. If you want a good laugh to kick off your day you should read this article.

Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins


When I say I’ve had one of these every night I’m not kidding. I have never baked with bananas before but Alex requested this recipe that his mom used to make. I took a picture of the recipe when we were at his parents last week and made them Sunday. Holy moly…these are AMAZING!! I’m kicking myself for not taking pictures while baking them so I could share the recipe with y’all. Guess this means I have to bake them again 😉

Zumbo’s Just Desserts


This is a Netflix show that I stumbled upon and have been loving! I started it last week and am only 2 episodes away from finishing it. It’s an Australian baking competition that started with 12 contestants. Each contestant must make a dessert based on the day’s theme. There is a Dessert of the Day winner and then the two lowest for the day. The two lowest have to compete is what is called the Zumbo Challenge where they have to replicate a dessert that was created by Adriano Zumbo. It’s so much fun to watch and I always want to create some amazing dessert after each episode.

Salsa Verde


I originally bought this jar of salsa for the salsa verde honey lime chicken that I made a few weeks back for dinner. I still had salsa left so I kept dipping chips into it. Why I don’t buy salsa verde more is beyond me. It’s delicious!! I keep finding reasons to use it haha. Salsa verde is usually something I only have a restaurants but now I think it may become a staple in the fridge.

Question of the day: What’s one thing you’ve been obsessed with this week?

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A Little Family Walk

It’s Thursday so which is the day before Friday so it’s basically the weekend, right? I’m ready for the weekend and have been exhausted this week you guys. I’ve either fallen asleep on the couch or been asleep in bed before 10 pm every night this week. I would say my half marathon really took it out of me but Alex has been feeling the same way too so we’ll just blame in it on Bailey 😉


I woke up yesterday and slowly made my way out of bed. While Alex showered, I took Bailey out, fed her then we played a bit until I got ready for work. Once I was showered and dressed, I quickly scrambled some eggs for breakfast.


Work was pretty uneventful but I was busy all day so it flew by. I felt like it was 7:30 am and then next thing I know it was time to go for the day. I wasn’t going to complain though. After work, I changed and headed out for a run. I had 4 easy miles on the agenda and felt really good! In all honesty, I probably could have run on Tuesday but decided to give myself an extra day of rest. First run post half was a success!


The weather was actually really nice even though it was only in the 50s. Alex and I decided to take a little family walk to spend time outside in the sun. Bailey was loving it and had a ton of fun running around. We even walked by our complex’s park and she did so good around all the kids and few adults that were there.


We got home, and went onto the patio for a bit to chat about our days. Once we got hungry, we went inside to work on dinner. I chopped up the broccoli to roast while Alex shaped the burgers. When I flipped the broccoli halfway through, I also threw some fries into the oven. We threw everything together and had a good dinner.


Once everything was cleaned up, we got on the couch to finish a comedy special on Netflix. We started Bill Burr: I’m Sorry You Feel That Way on Wednesday night and ended up not finishing it. Personally I think he’s funny but be warned that he does curse so if you don’t like that then I wouldn’t watch him. For dessert, I snacked on a banana chocolate chip muffin.

Question of the day: How do you enjoy nice spring weather?