Hello World

On May 14th, 2017 I walked across the stage at Rutgers and officially became a college graduate (Although I refuse to believe it until I receive my diploma in July ;). I worked hard to graduate with a degree in Packaging Engineering summa cum laude. For those not familiar with Latin that translates to with highest honors. College is weird in that you’re in a adult but you still rely heavily on your parents to pay for things.

For me, now that I graduated (with a full job time!) I want to be able to rely a lot less on my parents for things. This doesn’t mean I’ll never talk to them but I don’t want to constantly be asking them for money or how to do things.

I wanted to create this website as a way to chronicle my journey into the real world as a college graduate. Thanks for joining me!

3 thoughts on “Hello World”

  1. That’s what being an adult means to me too- not having to have my parents pay for stuff, but I’m continually fighting to pay for stuff. When I was a kid, they were always like, save up, now I go to visit them and they want to pay for my flight! LOL


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