Weekend Recap


Saturday was a wild day here in New Jersey. It involved going through clothes to donate and organing our closet. Wild right?! Although I am glad the closet finally looks organized, I just need a laundry basket and then it’s all set. (Yes 3 weeks later and we still don’t have a laundry basket).

Closet Before


Closet After


After I finished organizing the closet I reheated some leftovers for dinner and read on the couch. Alex’s childhood friend is in town from Texas so he came over to meet me and see our apartment. He stayed for a little bit before he had to go but it was so nice to meet on of Alex’s old friends! Before bed I read a little more and watched some Gilmore Girls. I know, I’m late to the game on this one since I just started watching it earlier this year.

In the middle of the episode the power in our apartment complex shut off randomly for like 25 minutes. It was so weird! Since it was pretty late, around 12:15, we were on the balcony trying to see if lights in other units were off as well and they were. It came on randomly but still so strange


Sunday started out very lazy before I finally got up to shower. One of my friends from college had her graduation lunch so I did a little reading and worked on this post before heading to the restaurant. The restaurant was a super cute Italian place that had delicious food. The dessert was probably my favorite. It was ice cream with hazelnut slivers covered in a hard chocolate shell. I’m not sure how they made it but it was different than your typical ice cream dish at a restaurant in my opinion.

Alex’s parents invited us over for a cookout so we lucked out with only having to cook breakfast today haha! Small wins like that are the best after being out all day. One downside to our apartment is that we can’t have a grill so we bought a George Foreman which works but it’s not the same. So when we go to Alex’s parents house they grilled steaks which were delicious.

Once we got home, we relaxed. Alex played guitar while I got some things done around the house. I have a busy day full of errands today and will actually be back at Alex’s parents house so that I can let their air conditioning repair man in. This is what happens when you live 10 minutes away from the parents.

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