Outdoor Circuit Workout

Since I just graduated, I’m still part time at my job. I work two days this week and then get to go home for a long weekend! I can’t wait but I’ve got a full day of work before I can even think about the fun.

Yesterday was a little slow at work and the weather was perfect so I was itching to get a run in after work. I didn’t feel like running miles and miles and wanted a tiny bit of strength training so I thought of combining an end of run workout that Janae from Hungry Runner GirlΒ posted. She said that doing squats and lunges after runs leaves her exhausted but feeling great after. I wanted to try it and added in an exercise of my own as well!

Outdoor Circuit Workout

I ran to a park near my apartment that has a path on the perimeter. In total I ran 3.20 miles and did some body weight workouts after each lap. I really liked having 800 meters (half a mile) in between the excercises because I felt like it was a nice recovery. You could definitely increae or decrease though.

My legs were feeling the burn after just the first circuit. After each round, I definitely felt stronger and will be reaching for this workout a lot more! My legs were feeling it still when I went to bed.

**I highly recommend that you get a thorough stretch in after you finish or you might be extremely sore. I typed this post up last night and I’m so thankful I stretched since I’m sore this morning and would probably be even more sore had I not stretched.

12 thoughts on “Outdoor Circuit Workout”

    1. It’s not easy but so worth it! I would suggest starting out slowly instead of jumping in all out right away, that’s what I’m doing. We can get back into the fitness came together!


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