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I was fortunate enough when I was growing up to be in a family where travel was something we did every summer. My parents would plan a week long vacation for us all for as long as I can remember. Between that, going to my grandparents house multiple times a summer (they live on a lake in Indiana), and going to college 800 miles away I feel like I’ve gotten down packing things in a carry on (this past spring I went on a two week vacation to Europe and packed everything into my carry-on an backpack!)

Since I’m flying back home for the weekend then going to Florida for a family vacation right after I figured I would take the time to list out ways I make packing easier. Read below to check out 6 ways I pack to make travelling easier.

1. Make A List


Maybe it’s because I like to be super organized but I like to make a list of items that I’ll need while I”m away. This prevents me from over packing as well as forgetting things. I tend to write down everything that I’ll need then pick my outfit for the flight based on that. This is also a way for me to avoid overpacking

2. LayΒ Out Clothes Before Packing


I try to do this as a way to make sure everything I’m packing will match. What’s the point in packing a pair of bright green shorts if no shirts you pack will match? The shorts won’t get worn and will take up valuable space.

3. Check The Weather

There is nothing worse than getting to your destination where its going to be 50s/60s and realizing that you only have shorts and tanks and will freeze your butt off. While I’m all for packing shorts and tanks, I always bring a neutral cardigan and pair of jeans just in case. You never know when the weather is going to change or if the wind will be cold. Better to be safe than freezing (or too hot!)

4. Only Bring Makeup You Wear Daily

I have a lot of makeup thanks to having an internship at a makeup company for a year. While I have some of these amazing products, vacation is not the time to try out new things. I tend to gravitate towards simple looks on vacation so instead of bringing a bright pink lipstick that only matches one outfit I opt for two simple lip colors that match anything and any occasion. It simplifies the getting ready process while getting ready to go out and explore.

5. Use Makeup Bags to Organize Cords

There is nothing worse than getting on a flight and going to get your headphones out of your bag only to realize they are tangled in a bunch of cords. I have so many makeup bags that I don’t use (maybe I should get rid of some…) that I put my chargers into them. It helps me save space in my bag while keeping cords all in once place. This is a great way to know where everything is when you get to your destination too!

6. Check For Laundry Facility

This is one that I don’t always do but I did this time around since I didn’t want to have to bring 14 days worth of clothing. Since I’m usually going back to my parents house I know I can do laundry which is really nice so that I can wash all my clothes before I head back to school. Luckily the house I’m staying at in Florida has a laundry room so instead of packing for 14 days I’ll most likely pack for 7 and then just wash my clothes when I need to. If the hotel or rental unit you’re staying at has laundry you can pack less clothes for your trip!


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