Friday Features

Alex and I flew to my parents house in Chicago yesterday and it feels good to be back. I’m so excited for this weekend since it’s my graduation party which means lots of yummy food and drinks plus quality time with family and friends! To keep this short going into the holiday weekend I wanted to share some things I’ve been liking a lot recently. Have a great weekend!

Vintage Seltzer


Since I don’t drink pop, I opt for sparkling water or seltzer instead. This is probably the favorite brand that I’ve tried so far. I really like that it comes in a bottle and not a can. The bottle keeps the carbonation longer and I don’t feel like I need to gulp it down before all the bubble are gone. I’ve tried a bunch of the flavors and can’t decide which is my favorite! I enjoy raspberry lime and pomegranate a lot though.

Kendall Jackson Chardonnay

I learned about this wine through Alex’s mom shortly after we started dating last fall. I tend to like wines that are slightly sweeter so I prefer white over red. This chardonnay is sweet without tasting like I’m drinking pure sugar and not overly fruity. According to the website it is “insert website description”. It retails fro around $13 dollars per bottle so it’s more affordable without sacrificing taste!

Up and Vanished

Up and Vanished

If you like crime shows – even if you don’t like crime shows – you have to listen to this podcast. It started by looking into the disappearance of Tara Grinstead, a school teacher who disappeared from her home in Georgia back in 2005. The podcast narrator (is that what they’re called I’m not entirely sure) Payne Lindsey goes through the old evidence and interviews people. In February there was finally an arrest in the case which threw a whole new curve into the podcast and I’m obsessed.


This may seem weird but here me out. On Monday, Alex flies back to New Jersey (sad face) and my family flies to Florida for a family vacation. I won’t be back to New Jersey for 2 weeks but the house we’re staying at in Florida has a washer and dryer so instead of having to pack 2 weeks worth of clothing into my carry-on, I have about 7 days worth and will just do laundry while there. Now I have extra room in my bag in case I go shopping.


Since I was little, I have absolutely loved to read. I would basically count down until the summer reading program at my town’s library since it meant I would get to pick out a new book for free (after reading 15-20 hours haha!) While in college the past 4 years, I would try my best to read but never really got to because of classes. I basically did all of my reading over any breaks in the year. Now that I’m done, I have more time on my hands at night to read. The past week I’ve been reading before bed every night and have loved it! I’m currently reading INSERT BOOK NAME AND AUTHOR and like it. I packed my Nook with me so that I don’t have to carry a million books for vacation so I’m hoping I can get through a few books while I’m away.

4 thoughts on “Friday Features”

    1. I think it might be regional or the grocery store by my parents house doesn’t sell it! I tried looking for it yesterday and they didn’t have it 😦 If you can find it, I think you should check it out if you’re a seltzer fan!


  1. I’ve been blowing through true crime podcasts lately. Currently making my way through My Favorite Murder. Definitely going to check out Up and Vanished next!


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