Fitness Journey

Hi everyone and happy Thursday! I wanted to talk a little bit about fitness. It was spurred from my run Wednesdayday morning where I ran 2.21 miles in over 23 minutes in the Florida heat and humidity.

When I was in high school, I was on the cross country and track teams. I was running about 9-10 months for 4 years straight. This does not mean that I was incredibly fast or skinny. I was mostly doing it as a way to get involved at a new school and to be social. I was definitley not the best on the team and didn’t care all that much about it. Looking bad I defintely enjoyed the idea of being on a team and having someone tell me to workout.

During freshmen year I tried to to workout. My friends and I would go to the gym every Friday before dinner. I would go once a week aside from that if I was lucky. I realized that I missed someone telling me when to workout. Freshmen and sophomore year I was on and off with my workouts and definitley not eating that healthy.

The summer going into my junior year, I joined a gym and started working out a lot more. I did HIIT and lifted weights 5-6 days a week. I lost some weight and started to get more toned. Now I didn’t lose a ton of weight but enough that some people would noticed if I had not seen them in a while.

When senior year started I was still doing well at my workouts. I would wake up at about 5 am to get a workout or run in before work. Then I met Alex and everything changed. I would see him all the time and since we lived about 30 minutes away from each other, I was staying up a lot later and would sleep in. My workouts essentially stopped.

Now that I am a graduate I realize how stupid I was to stop working out. I can feel my clothes starting to get more snug. But here’s one thing I know that is making my new fitness journey differnet: It’s okay. It’s okay that I fell off the fitness journey. It’s okay that I’m not perfect with my eating. What matters is that I know what needs to be done and already have plans on how to get back into shape. Plans that will allow me to stick to my fitness journey and make it a longterm commitment.

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