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A Sunburnt Thursday

Happy Friday! Here’s a peak into my day yesterday which was not too pleasant since I managed to get sunburnt Wednesday (even with reapplying sunscreen multiple times.)

I woke up and immediately put on aloe vera while watching the final episode of “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt” on Netflix. It was painful to put clothes on when I woke up and went to change out of pajamas. After making some eggs for breakfast, I put my swimsuit on, bathed in sunscreen and sat by the pool to read. Since the sun is stronger in the afternoon I wanted to soak up the time when the sun wasn’t as hot. I laid by the pool reading and talking to my mom and sister for a bit before coming inside.


I put together some lunch, cheese and crackers with a roasted potato. While the potato roasted, I sat in the shade on the porch swing reading. After eating, I went right back out onto the porch swing until the sun started to come under the roof and onto me. I’m currently reading The Weekenders by Mary Kay Andrews. I am flying through it! I started it Wednesday night and was 75% done with it by 3:30 yesterday.


When I cam inside I put some aloe on again and read more. The house we’re staying at has a screened in porch so I can be outside without dealing with the sun which is nice. My mom asked me if I wanted to go look at some shops so I went with. We looked at a few and I got an ornament for my Christmas tree. Yes I know it’s June but my family always gets an ornament from places we travel to and I want to do the same. (Alex I promise our tree won’t only be ornaments from places I’ve traveled to!)

After we got home around 5:15, the sun was mostly gone from the pool area so I hopped in. My older brother, Brian, arrived today so the whole family was togehter. It was nice to sit in the pool and relax without feeling like my skin was going to fry off from the sun. Once I took a quick shower and slathered on some aloe, I read some more on the screened in porch.

My dad cooked an awesome dinner of beef tenderloin with grilled corn and green beans which we ate by the pool while watching “Breaking Bad”. Inbetween dinner and watching the seasons finale of “The Amazing Race” I finished the book. I really liked it! Maybe I’ll do a book review post once I read a few more. “The Weekenders” was a super was quick read that I recommended if you want a good beach read.

Even though the team I wasn’t a huge fan of won, it was still a good episode. They ended in Chicago which was cool to see! Once the episode ended, I found a new book to read, put on more aloe and called Alex (hi babe!) before going to bed. Tomorrow I think we’re going boating and my mom and I might get a pedicure. Have a good weekend!

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