Book Review I

Instead of boring you with another day of me sitting by a pool reading then later watching Gilmore Girls, I figured I would change it up and give some reviews of recent books I’ve read! Let me know of any good books you have read in the comments so I can add it to my list of books to read.

Executive Power


This is the fourth book in the Mitch Rapp series. I have never read any of this series and you definitely don’t need to follow up. Mitch Rapp is set out to rescue American hostages in the Philippines while there is conflict in the Middle East between Jews and Muslims. One thing I really like about this book is that even thought the story follows different people, it was not hard at all for me to keep characters straight. If you like action books then I recommend this!

Pretty Is


While I enjoyed this book, it was definitely not what I was expecting. The story follows two 30 year old girls who were kidnapped when they were 12 and stayed together for a few months. They have not seen or talked ot each other since being reunited with their families. A movie is about to start filming that is essentially their story and pulls them both in. I thought this book would have been more of a thriller than it was. I still enjoyed it, I just wanted a little more suspense if you will.

The Weekenders


If you are looking for an easy read then I recommend this book! It follows a women, Riley, who spends the summer on Belle Island in North Carolina. She is waiting with her daughter for her husband when a public servant hands her papers. When there is a murder on the island, Riley tries to investigate while going to all of the typical summer parties on the island. I liked the small plot twists and turns that occurred. They weren’t overwhelming in that you need to pay very close attention which is perfect for a beach read.

Lilac Girls


Lilac Girls is a historical fiction novel that is based on a true story. It follows an American, Caroline, Polish, Kasia, and German, Herta, women. Caroline is a socialite who works at the French consulate and her new love is turned upside down when Hitler invades Poland before France. Kasia is a sixteen year old who loses her childhood very quickly when the Nazis arrive in her town. Herta is a new doctor with high ambitions. She applies for a job and ends up at a concentration camp. The way the three women’s stories dip together during the war and in the years following was intriguing. I liked that the author took some characters that were real and added some to give a different look to the time period.

The Simplicity of Cider


I grew up going apple picking every fall so I was excited to see that this book was set on an apple orchard. It follows two people: Sanna Lund who is the fifth generation cider maker and her family owns the orchard and Issac Banks who is on a trip with his sun. Issac ends up working at the Lund’s orchard with Sanna and her father. Throughout the summer, Issac and Sanna form a bond but thet are both hiding a secret from each other that could ruin their friendship. I thought this book was another easy to read book. It came with a recipe at the back so Alex we have to go apple picking this fall so I can make it 😉

In a Dark, Dark Wood


I read this book in less than 24 hours it was so good. It follows Nora who is invited to a childhood friend’s hen party (bachelorette party). She hasn’t talked to her friend, Claire, in 10 years so she’s confused as to why she got invited. Weird things happen during the weekend. This book would be perfect to read during a rainy day at home in my opinion. The author has another book called “The Woman in Cabin 10” and I’m definitely going to pick that one up since I flew through this one!

3 thoughts on “Book Review I”

  1. Thanks for sharing you reviews! I always struggle to find books to read (and the time to read them!) but I have a holiday coming up soon and have been looking for new material!
    I’ma horror/thriller girl so I think I might pick up In a Dark, Dark Wood it sounds great!

    Rachel | Coffee & Avocados


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