Snorkeling in Key Largo

Happy hump day! Yesterday, my dad and sister flew back to Chicago leaving my mom, two brothers and I in Florida for a few days. My mom thought it would be fun for the four of us to go snorkeling. We have all been before and enjoyed it and figured it would be a good outing for us!


We went to John Pennekamp State Park in Key Largo. The company that held the snorkeling trip operated through the park. We went on the 3 o’clock tour and got back around 5:15 or so which fit in perfectly with their stated 2-2.5 hour tour window. The tour included the 40 minute boat ride to the reef we would be diving, an hour in the water to snorkel or swim and the 40 minute boat ride back to the park.


Pennekamp Rentals had a few sites that they would take tours to. Our group ended up going to the Grecian Rocks reef which was about 5 nautical miles offshore. Depending on the weather, they take you to see Christ of the Abyss, a statue that is under water. Unfortunately we did not see this in what I assume is due to the current conditions. The winds were 21 mph and the waves were about 2 feet. From the pictures it looks beautiful though and I wish we could have gone! The weather was supposed to be cloudy all day but when we left our house to drive to the park the sun came out so I can’t really complain about not seeing the statue.


I have nothing but good things to say about the company. The captain and dive master were on top of their safety game! They spent the beginning of the ride letting us know the safety procedures in the horrible case that something happened (nothing did thankfully!) Everyone in the water is required to wear an inflatable life vest but it does not have to be inflated. The reasoning being is so that the divers are easier to spot in the water. I personally had some air in my life vest because I find that easier and it makes me feel safer when snorkeling. I took swimming lessons for years since my grandparents live on a lake and was a lifeguard for two years so I would say I am a strong swimmer. Whenever I looked back at the boat, I would see either the captain or dive master (usually both!) watching everyone in the water. I truly think that if there were any problems the two of them would have handled it very professionally and made all of the passengers feel safe.


My little brother brought a waterproof bag to seal his phone in and take pictures. I’m so glad he had one since last time I was snorkeling in Puerto Rico we did not have any pictures from in the water. Although all of the pictures did not come out we still managed to get some good ones! The visibility was about 20 feet which was more than enough to see the bottom of the ocean where we were. The reef had lots of wildlife. I saw a variety of fish in different sizes and colors. My extent of fish knowledge comes from Finding Nemo and Finding Dory so I had no idea what the fish I saw were called but I enjoyed seeing them in their home none the less!

I’m glad we went and it ended up being a great day!


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