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I’m finally back in New Jersey and reunited with Alex! Let’s catch up on yesterday though shall we?

I intended on waking up at my 6:15 and 6:30 alarms…but then my mom came into my room at 7 to finally get me out of bed. I usually take a decent amount of time to get ready but I managed to get ready in about 15 which is quick! After the 2 hour drive back to Miami I was at the airport and dying to get on the flight home. 10 days is a long time to be away from home and I was ready to be back with Alex.

I try to always have a snack or two on hand when I fly in case I get hungry. My flight left Miami at 11 so I knew I would be more hungry than just a granola bar during the flight. The Miami airport was lacking with the food department in my opinion. Maybe it was just the terminal I was in but man I felt like there was nothing! Maybe it’s because I usually fly out of Newark and Chicago-O’Hare which are pretty busy so they have a lot of options for both sit down and take out places. I ended up finding a Subway near my gate and grabbed a turkey sandwich to eat during the flight.

When the flight landed I hauled it to the passenger pickup so I could catch an Uber home. I was so happy to be in my own space and be back with Alex. I quickly hopped in the shower to wash my hair (10 days of humidity, salt water, and pool water were very apparent). I got dressed and unpacked while Alex played guitar in the other room.


Alex and I decided to have monthly date nights once we moved in together so that we don’t cohabitate and that we keep dating. He decided to chose last night as a low key date night at home which was perfect with me! We ordered cheesesteaks and cheese fries from a The Original Steak and Hoagie which tasted so good. I got the original cheesesteak with ketchup and hot sauce while he ordered the buffalo chicken cheesesteak. My body is definitely ready for some healthy home cooked meals though.


After dinner we had a movie night and watched War Machine, a new Netflix original movie starring Brad Pitt. We ended up not liking it very much so we turned on on oldie but goodie The Benchwarmers. That movie never fails to make me laugh. 

Enjoy your Friday!



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