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Whirlwind Weekend

I hope you all enjoyed your weekend! I will be in Texas for work this week so I’m hoping I can do a little bit of exploring since I’ve never been to Dallas before. Let’s catch up on this weekend shall we?


I was off of work so I decided to run some errands while Alex was working. I went to Home Goods for a new set of sheets and let with throw pillows for our bed, a spice rack, blank cards, a jewelry organizer and the sheets. I could spend all day in that store if I could. I had to stop myself from continuously putting things into my cart because my apartment doesn’t have room for them.

When Alex got home from work we decided to have a low key night at home. We were going to have one of Alex’s friends over but the plans fell through. We had a steak and mashed potato dinner then hung out on the couch watching tv before heading to bed. It was the perfect way to start our weekend.


Alex ended up having to work for about an hour each morning this weekend (he runs a construction company with his brother Tucker). While he was out, I did a few things around the apartment before we went out to run some errands. We had a birthday party to go to Saturday night and wanted to get a small gift so while he was buying new work jeans at Target, I looked for the gift. I found a new to me line of candles that smelled so good and were not expensive at all! I love to have a candle burn but they can be expensive. Once I burn through a few I think I’ll go back to pick up this candle, it’s the one we gifted to the birthday girl.

After relaxing at home, we got changed and headed out for Alex’s parents house. The party was for his brother’s fiance’s mom so we went a little early to help her set up. They rented the banquet hall at a local restaurant called Tavern On The Lake. Allison (Tucker’s fiance) and her sister chose a beach theme since their mom loves the shore. It ended up looking really cute. They had some tea candles and seashells on the tables which looked really nice with the center pieces.


Before her mom came, they had some appetizers out. Her mom was definitely surprised! Allison and her sister thought she may have had a clue when they said to sit upstairs but she was so shocked. They chose to have a buffet style dinner that had salad, pasta, chicken, veal, potatoes and some sort of tomato dish. I don’t eat tomatoes so I’m not sure what it was to be honest with you. Alex and I sat next to Allison’s younger cousin who was adorable! He made Alex “jealous” by dancing with me after dinner which was so cute. The night ended up being a lot of fun!


While Alex worked, I got ready for the day and started to pack again. We hung out at home until I had to leave for the airport. The flight was delayed a little over an hour because Air Force One was taking off from Newark. The flight crew apologized a ton for the delay throughout the whole flight which I thought was nice of them. By the time I got to my hotel it was about 11 so I went to bed.


I hope you all have a good Monday!

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