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I Got a Running Coach

Happy Tuesday! As you can see by the title I got a running coach. I’m super excited about it. Yesterday was the official start date with her. I found her on Instagram about 6 months or so ago. Her name is Melissa and you may find her page here.

I was really excited to start because I spent my workday learning all about the department of transportation’s hazardous material shipping regulations. Luckily the instructor is pretty cool so the class doesn’t completely drag but it’s two days with a lot of info about something that isn’t super exciting to me.

After the class finished for the day, I changed and went down to the gym to get a run in. I was so ready to get on the treadmill (and I hate running on the treadmill!), unfortunately one of the treadmills was out of order and someone was on the other 😦 I made the trip back to my room to type this up and research places for dinner. Yes I said research, I like trying local places when I travel but I’m picky so I always look at menus.

After a 35 minute run I was ready for dinner. I found a local place that had wings which sounded pretty good and the reviews on Yelp were promising so I figured I’d try it. Oh my god you guys, not only was the food good but the service was amazing! I went to Buffalo Wings and Rings. I sat down and within 30 seconds a man who I assume is either the manager or owner (because he had on a button down while the other employees had t-shirts) came over to me. He first asked if I had been helped and when I said I just sat down he took my drink order. I was really impressed in that he filled it and brought it to me himself instead of giving it to someone else to fulfill. I got boneless wings and they were SO good! The manager/owner told me that hand bread them when ordered and I could definitely tell that they were not frozen from a bag or anything. I know this is a small chain so if there is one by you then I definitely recommend checking it out!

Since it was 8 o’clock when I finished dinner I drove over to see AT&T Stadium where the Dallas Cowboys play since it was about 7 minutes away from my hotel. I know it’s a big stadium but seeing it in person was shocking. It’s huge and that was just from the car! I can’t imagine seeing how the area would be when there is a game.

After getting back to the hotel I worked on this post while watching t.v. then put on a sheet mask.

Since sheet masks can get a little expensive I recommend the Tony Moly masks. I bought a pack of 11 on Amazon for less than $1 each! The one I used was the seaweed mask and I liked it a lot. I don’t have a favorite from the line since I like them all.

The rest of the night was spent reading “Lone Survivor” and watching tv. Have a great day!

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