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Another Night in Texas

Happy hump day! Today is my first time going to my company’s corporate offices, it feels crazy since it’s my full time job and not for an internship. I’ll let you all know how it goes tomorrow since my schedule is packed for the day.

Yesterday was day 2 of my DOT class. It was a lot of information just like the first day. The company that ran the workshop had lunch for us which was nice since the Texas heat is no joke! It’s over 90 degrees this whole week. I don’t know how people do it all the time. Anyways, lunch was ceasar salad, pasta and grilled chicken. It was pretty good and fueled me for the rest of the afternoon. In order to get certified we had to take a 20 question test. Luckily the test was open book and not that hard so I passed. I’m now certified to ship hazardous materials!

The first two nights I stayed at the hotel where the class was offered so I switched last night to a hotel closer to the office. I didn’t have a workout scheduled so I almost felt bored after I checked in! Luckily, I had part of my book left. I finished “Lone Survivor” before dinner and I’d be lying if I said I did not tear up at certain parts.

Once I got hungry I figured I would find somewhere to eat. Since I’m in Texas I thought I should get Tex-Mex at least once. I went to Tio Carlos and it was delicious! I read a review that said the brisket enchiladas were delicious so when my server confirmed I was sold. While I waited for my entree, chips, salsa and black bean puree (the best way to describe it) were brought out. I love spicy food and salsa but this salsa had a kick that was different than anything I have had. The enchiladas though. Oh my god. Amazing! I would definitely go back there any time I’m in Dallas or if I have a free meal the rest of the week (I’m eating with coworkers majority of the time later this week). If you are in Dallas, you need to eat at Tio Carlos.

Being the party animal that I am, I got home from dinner and put on my pjs. Wild night right?! I typed up this post, watched tv and started a new book., “The Midwife’s Confession”. I’ll be sure to let you know what I think once I finish.

Enjoy you day!

2 thoughts on “Another Night in Texas”

  1. I like to do the SAME thing some evenings–nothing is better than accomplishing a good workout and then going into full chill mode….with some Halo Top…..and a good show.


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