Exploring Fort Worth

It’s Friday! We’re so close to the weekend (and I’m so close to being home 🙂 I decided that instead of sitting at the hotel after dinner I was going to explore a little. I had done some research and made the 30 minute drive from my office to Fort Worth.

There’s a cute area called Sundance Square that had a bunch of shops and restaurants. Some are local and some are national chains. Since I was traveling I wanted to look at some local stores.

The first one I went to was called Earth Bones. They had some cool Texas themed t-shirts and gifts as well as your typical quirky gifts that you would expect. There was a sale on sandals but they didn’t have any in my size which is probably a blessing in disguise lol.

I walked around a little bit more until I came across another store called The Virgin Olive Oiler. They specialize in flavored olive oils and balsamic vinegars. I tested a few different ones out and they were amazing! I wish I could have bought some but since I am not checking a bag on my flight I couldn’t. The store does ship out and of the oils or vinegars so I’ll be shopping for some soon! The owner also makes different salt blends for food as well as bath salts. If you live in this area definitely check them out!

Today I’m at corporate for about an hour until I head to the airport. I can not wait to be home and start cooking my meals again! I missed cooking after work this past week.

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