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Weekend Recap With A Cancelled Flight

Happy Monday! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and enjoyed Father’s Day. Let’s catch up on the weekend shall we?


I went to the office for an hour before heading to the airport. My flight was supposed to take off from Dallas at 12:40…until it got cancelled. I was so not in the mood to deal with potentially not making it back home. While in line to talk to an agent about rebooking me, the man behind me, Del, and the woman in front of me, Chris, became friends while complaining. Funny the way a cancelled flight can bring three strangers together! All three of us were calling the 800 number to see if that was quicker than the line. When Del reached an agent, he got a seat on a flight from Dallas to Chicago to Newark. The agent he spoke with was kind enough to also book Chris and myself on the same flight.

Throughout our four hours together in the Dallas/Fort Worth airport, we talked about a variety of topics. Del was an actor and even has his own IMDb page! Luckily the flight to Chicago left on time at 6:45 pm. After a quick layover in Chicago, about 45 minutes, we were on the next flight and off to Newark! I don’t think I have ever been so happy to be on an airplane. When I got home, I basically tackled Alex because I was so happy that I made it home (even though it wasn’t until 3:30 am Saturday morning!) but it was better than staying in Dallas another night.


Since we didn’t go to bed until between 4:30 and 5, Alex and I were lazy and didn’t get out of bed until close to 10 am. I spent the morning picking up my car from the shop, going to the grocery store, and going on a run! It felt so good to get a run in that morning after spending majority of Friday sitting at airports and on airplanes. Surprisingly, I was not that tired Saturdays until about 4 pm. Which was right around the time Alex and I were getting ready to go to his parents house. His grandparents drove in for the night so the family celebrated an early Father’s Day. Since I didn’t sleep too much, I was a little out of it and tired but it was a fun night.


Even though we didn’t go to bed too late Saturday night, I didn’t wake up until about 9 yesterday but I felt very well rested. Alex’s grandparents had never been to our apartment so they stopped by before they went back to Pennsylvania. I made my grocery list in a hurry Saturday morning so I had to go back yesterday, oops! I guess that’s what I get for being impatient on the shopping. It was almost 90 in New Jersey so Alex and I decided to check out the pool in our complex. It was surprisingly empty for such a warm day but then again we did go at about 4:30 so maybe most people had gone home for the day.

For dinner, we made burgers with roasted broccoli and salad. I typed up this post while watching Gilmore Girls. Later I read more of my book before going to bed.


Today is my first week of being full time at my job while in the office! Technically I became full time last week while I was in Texas so it didn’t really feel like I had officially started. Have a great day!

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