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Rained Out Run

Happy Tuesday! I hope you all had a good Monday.

As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, I’m starting full time in the office this week which seems crazy to me. After being out for 3 weeks I had to get everything back how I like it in my office. I still need to decorate it a little so I plan to do that at the end of this week once I’m all caught up.

I had a run schedule for last night but after about 10 minutes it started pouring!! Alex drove out to come get me (and I didn’t even ask since I left my phone in the apartment!) I changed into real clothes and caught up on a few things I needed to do. My parents sent me some mail from their house which included graduation gifts so I had thank you notes that I needed to write.

For dinner I made pesto crock pot chicken and tortellini, the recipe is below. Such an easy no fuss meal that’s also delicious. It was the perfect comfort type food since it rained on and off all night. Rainy night = movie night in our house! After dinner we got comfy on the couch and watched “Harry Potter and the Sorceror’s Stone”. Movie night is not complete without popcorn so halfway through we popped some to enjoy. It was the perfect way to end a gross Monday!

Pesto Chicken with Tortellini

In CrockpotΒ 

2 boneless, skinless chicken breasts

Spoon some pesto (about half a container) on chicken and into bottom of crockpot. Turn on low. I cook mine from when I leave for work to when I eat which is about 11.5 hours.

On Stove

Bring a pot full of water to boil. Put in one container of tortellini and cook per package instructions. Drain the water once down.

While tortellini are cooking, take the chicken out and shred on a plate. Place tortellini and chicken back into pot with stove on low then add in the rest of the pesto. Stir to mix then enjoy!

*I used Buitoni tortellini and pesto because that’s what I had on hand at the time. You can use whatever pesto or tortellini you like best.


Have a great day!

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