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Midweek Run

We’re one day away from the weekend, woohoo! I’m super excited for tomorrow because I’m going to dinner with my friend Sarah who I haven’t seen in over a month. I thought I would fill you guys in on my day yesterday.

My morning started out by waking up early on the couch. Apparently leaving for three weeks lets your boyfriend get used to having the bed to himself because he now takes up the whole thing! I may be buying a body pillow to form a barrier really soon πŸ˜‰ My morning was fairly typical: wake up, shower, eat then head out the door to work.

Work consisted of a lot of lab time yesterday. I started a bunch of lab tests that I’ll check on weekly. One thing with working for a chemical company is getting lab tests ready involves me looking like a mad scientist ha! I wear protective eye glasses, a lab coat and plastic gloves.

This week I started to bring my book with me to work to read during lunch. Everyone in the office eats at different times since we all work slightly different hours. It’s a great way to step away from answering emails during lunch and actually take a break. My current book is The Secret Life of Violet Grant, I plan on doing a book review again soon so I’ll give my thoughts then.

Once I got home from work I got changed and headed out for my run. I’m currently looking into a race in either September or October which will be fun! I don’t know which one I will do but I have a few options on the table right now. Once I was home and out of my sweaty clothes, I worked on the computer a bit before getting some things ready for dinner.

For dinner, Alex fired up our George Foreman grill (our apartment complex does not allow actual grills) and we had lemon garlic marinated chicken, rice and roasted broccoli. We are currently obsessed with roasted broccoli, I’m pretty sure we have it at dinner 5 days a week!

After dinner I prepped a big bowl of salad. I find this makes having a bowl of salad with dinner so much more enticing since all of the chopping is already done. Once my lunch was finished I was ready to relax! I typed up this post then worked on more behind the scenes stuff with the blog.

Before bed, I did a face mask. I love thisΒ oneΒ from First Aid Beauty. It’s a peel off mask so it gives me the satisfaction then any dirt and oil is being pulled away from my skin. I read a bit before bed as well.


Have a great Thursday everyone!

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