Book Review II

Hi everyone! I did a book review a few weeks ago that you may read here. Since I’ve read a few more since then I figured I would do another review. I recently signed up for my local libraries summer reading program after getting a card for it and I’ve been reading non stop. Some of these books have been on my Nook and others have been physical books. If you have an e-reader I recommend seeing if your library has an online section to check out book from!

Anyways below are the recent books I’ve read and my thoughts on them. Enjoy!

The Good Girl



This book follows the story of Mia who is kidnapped. It is told through the eyes of her mother, the detective investigating the case, and the man who kidnaps her. She gets stalked without realizing it and ends up leaving the bar one night with Colin, who ends up kidnapping her. The author does a great job of having suspenseful turns without having them be outrageous and not believable. Maria Kubica grabs your attention and leaves you at cliff hangers at the end of chapters which makes me want to read even faster to find out what happens! One thing I really enjoyed is that it is told before Mia is found and after so you really get a feel for how the characters change throughout the ordeal. The last chapter of the book was amazing and not at all what I expected! If you like psychological thrillers this is a must read.

Lone Survivor



I’m not typically a nonfiction reader but this book was on my to read list for a while so I checked it out to read on my flight to Dallas the other week. Although I did not see the movie, I knew the premise of what happens in this book. Marcus Luttrell is a NAVY SEAL deployed to Afghanistan. He is sent on a mission to document a high ranking terrorist with 3 other men who ended up giving their lives. I loved how Marcus went into detail on the people who were killed in action during the mission. There were so many moments were I teared up. The story is amazing and I’m glad someone was able to let those who gave their lives story be told. I personally stories like this need to be told since the men or women give their lives for our safety.

The Midwife’s Confession



When their close friend Noelle commits suicide, Tara and Emerson set out to find why. The three have been best friends since college so the suicide was shocking to them. When they discover an unfinished letter to a mysterious person named Anna they set out to find who this Anna is. In their quest they realize how little they new about their dear friend. This novel is told through a few characters perspectives with Tara and Emerson being constant narrators. Told in three parts, the other characters perspectives are given based on the information Tara and Emerson find out. While it is still a thriller, I did not find it as “sitting on the edge of my seat” like other thrillers I have read. If you are not a thriller novel person, I recommend this because it has a family and love element to it that I believe everyone can relate to! The small turns that are included keep the book interesting and really drew me in.

The Secret Life of Violet Grant



This is the story of Vivian and Violet Schuyler. Vivian’s story is in 1964 and Violet’s story is set in 1914. Vivian randomly gets a suitcase sent to her in the mail except it’s not hers. She soon learns that it belonged to her great-aunt Violet that she had no clue existed. There was speculation that Violet killed her husband back in 1914. As a reported, Vivian decides to find out what actually happened to Violet. Told from both woman’s perspectives, the story is one of love. At the end of the book there are a few twists that I absolutely loved. This is a great historical fiction novel that I enjoyed. I thought the author weaved the stories together beautifully and the whole time I was dying to find out what happened.

The Lucky One


Nicholas Sparks books, while entertaining, are not books I gravitate to often. I find they can be predictable in a sense but at the same time I’m a sucker for a good love story. “The Lucky One” was not disappointing either. It follows Logan Thibault, a US marine, who finds a picture of a random woman while overseas. He attributes the picture as the reason he survived his three tours in the Middle East. Once home, he sets out to find the woman in the picture. Beth is a divorced single mom who lives with her grandmother, the woman that raised both her and her brother when their parents were killed while young. Once he finds Beth, they get to know each other while Logan works for her grandmother. This is definitely a book that you can easily read while on vacation or the beach. I think it would be a good one for the summer since it’s an uplifting story.

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