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Target Trip Thursday

Happy Friday! I’m so excited for this weekend because it’s almost the Fourth of July which is my favorite holiday.

Thursday started out in a rushed note. I woke up late for work so I was rushing around to get ready. Luckily I had breakfast premade so I threw it in my purse and ate it at work. The morning was a little busier than normal which is fine by me! Personally, I’m more productive in the morning.

After work, I ran to Target to pick up a few things before heading home. I have a new cake recipe I want to try this weekend so I picked up a few ingredients for a recipe I’m trying this weekend and Epsom salt. If you have sore muscles or blisters, I highly recommend an Epsom salt bath! I swear its how any blisters I get from running go away so quickly.

We decided to have burgers for dinner so I decided to read a bit and relax before heating the oven up for fries. Although I prefer roasted potatoes (something about the burnt-ish flavor) I was a good girlfriend by making fries instead. While that cooked I made my lunch for tomorrow. Making lunch at night lets me sleep in a few extra minutes in the morning which I love.

I’m currently reading one of JoJo Moyes novels, “The Ship of Brides”. Last year I read, “Me Before You” by her and LOVED it. It was so good. And yes I did cry on an airplane while watching the movie. Maybe I just assumed this book would be just as good as the other one, I’m not sure. Just a little disappointed in it, but it’s still a good book! I read for the rest of the night before I fell asleep.


After work I think I’m going to go by the pool. It’s supposed to be hot in New Jersey this weekend. Have a great day!

2 thoughts on “Target Trip Thursday”

    1. I just put some seasoned salt and black pepper on the fries, so good! I highly recommend. Slow reading or fast reading, it’s better than no reading at all, right!? Have a great weekend Lisa!


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