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Friday Fun

Hello internet friends! I hope you had a good Friday and have something fun on the agenda for the weekend.

If you like listening to morning talk shows on the radio I highly recommend this one! Eric and Kathy are from Chicago so I listened to them growing up. Eric is hysterical to me and with the mix of music in the show it’s a great way to start my morning. The music is a mix of current and older songs which I like so songs don’t get too overplayed. You can find it here by clicking the listen live button!


My boss went around to everyone around 10 am and said we were ordering lunch to the office. I work at an office that is connected to a warehouse so if the warehouse guys hit certain goals then we get lunch brought in. They hit their safety goal so we all get rewarded. I opted for a chicken caesar salad. It was really good and there was so much chicken! I didn’t even finish it all.

After work (or this morning while getting dressed πŸ˜‰ I decided it was a pool day. When I got home from work, Alex was at his brothers house working on something. He called asking if I wanted to hang out with them at the pool. It was hot in New Jersey so he didn’t have to ask me twice. I threw my swimsuit on and drove over. I think there will be more pool outings this weekend since it’s supposed to be hot and humid the whole time.

Once we got home, we grabbed some take out and plopped on the couch. We started The Goblet of Fire. I hadn’t seen that movie before so I was excited.

Have a great Saturday!

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