Long Weekend Project

Hi everyone! I hope you are a enjoying the long weekend.

Saturday morning started off with a 3 mile run. It rained overnight so it was humid all day. Alex’s mom and sister invited me to tag along to the farmers market. They picked me up and less than 2 minutes later we got a flat tire. Alex had to come change it. Luckily we were still able to go to the farmers market. I got some really fresh vegetables plus cider doughnuts (Alex’s request).

Once we got home I ate lunch and got ready to go to the grocery store. We were about to head out the door when Alex’s mom called to say the spare was vibrating. Poor Alex had to fix the tire again, in the rain this time!

Before we left, he let it slip what he was building for my birthday (July 3rd). Since I found out, I skipped food shopping and helped him build instead. I had been talking about a bar cart for a while so he was sweet enough to build it for me. I’m so excited to see the finished product and get it into the apartment. I’ll be sure to share pictures!

Alex’s parents invited us over for a little cookout since a family friend (with a son Alex’s age) were coming over. We ran back to change out of sweaty work clothes before heading over for some burgers. His friend Ajay came back to our apartment for a bit. Since he lives in New York we don’t see him as much so it’s nice to catch up when he’s in town.


We’re back working on the bar cart today. I still have to food shop so this Sunday is going to be a busy one. But it’s a shortened work week which is always exciting. Have a great day!

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