Happy Saturday! I’m excited because Alex and I are taking a trip to the beach today. After a rainy and gross Friday, I’m ready to spend a day by the water.


Work was interesting in that an oven used in order to test products in heat broke. Our maintenance man came to my office to tell me. Luckily the second oven we have has adjustable shelves. Currently there are 17 tests happening so if I wasn’t able to put everything in one oven, everything would be set back weeks. Besides, that work went on as normal which is good.

Once home, I had some cheese and crackers. Random fact but Alex and I have cheese and crackers as a snack almost everyday. I read on the couch before bed. I finished “Pretty Baby” and really enjoyed it! While looking for a playlist on Spotify I found this one and it has so many good songs from when I was growing up.

Dinner was leftover chicken from Monday night plus roasted broccoli and potatoes. If I was given the option to eat a roasted potato everyday I would happily say yes. I just love them! After dinner, we decided to keep the music going and had a drink on our porch since the rain cleared. Bartender Alex was very excited to use the barcart he made!


When we came back inside, I finished this blog post and then we watched the rest of “Life As We Know It”  before going to bed.


I’m in the car driving to the beach now and hope you all have a great Saturday!


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