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13 Thoughts On A Run

Happy Thursday! On my run yesterday, I had some random thoughts that I thought I would share with you all today. Enjoy!


1. Man it’s hot, maybe I should’ve just run in my sports bra.

2. It smells like salt water…what did the put on the complex’s grass?

3. The people driving by must think I’m crazy to be running in 90° heat.

Screen Shot 2017-07-12 at 5.35.24 PM.png

4. Are there enough leftovers for dinner tonight?

5. Do chips and salsa as a post run snack complete negate this run?

6. Running the park clockwise instead of counterclockwise #rebel

7. Aw this man is clapping as I run past him!

8. That mile was way to fast for the splits I’m supposed to hit. (Sorry Melissa)

9. Dear mom of these kids, can you please move their bikes from the middle of the path?

10. Look he’s clapping again!

11. If it wasn’t so hot and humid these splits wouldn’t be hard to hit.

12. I’m definitely laying out the ground after stretching for 20 minutes.

13. Just a few chips and salsa can’t hurt…

Question of the day:

What are some thoughts you’ve had during workouts?

2 thoughts on “13 Thoughts On A Run”

  1. These were hilarious to read 🙂 I wrote a similar post last week – haha why is so dang hard to run when it’s hot and humid outside? Like it’s 500% harder!


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