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Rainy Friday

* I apologize for the late post! I was having some difficulties switching the publishing time after accidentally putting PM not AM for the publishing time*


Happy Saturday! Today is the date I’ve planned for the month and I can’t wait. Alex and I are going deep sea fishing.

Yesterday was cloudy, grey and rainy all day. In a weird way it seemed to make the day go by faster! I think it’s because I wasn’t sitting in work looking out my window at a beautiful day. While I was getting ready for work I pulled the closet light down on accident, I don’t know my own strength apparently. Instead of wandering around Home Depot hopelessly lost, I found what I needed online and had it ready for me to pick up after work. It made the process so much faster and I didn’t have to walk around lost so it’s a win-win in my book!

When I got home I turned Gilmore Girls on and colored for a while before getting up for dinner. I bought an adult coloring book about two years ago and have done it on and off since then. It is such a relaxing thing to do while hanging out. I feel like it helps me relax and wind down. For dinner, I threw some leftover chicken on tortilla chips with black beans and cheese before throwing it in the oven to warm everything up. I had never tried homemade nachos like that and they were good (even if I left them in the oven two minutes too long, oops!)

Since it was gross, a night on the couch was just what Alex and I needed. We sat around talking about a bunch of random things before watching tv. I wanted something a little sweet so I tried making banana “nice”-cream. It was pretty good! I added a little cocoa powder and peanut butter since I wanted more of a chocolate peanut butter flavor than straight banana. It was good but I definitely need to try it more with my new blender.


Have a great day 🙂

2 thoughts on “Rainy Friday”

  1. Deep sea fishing?!? Wow that sounds so cool!! Can’t wait to hear about it!
    I also love the Gilmore Girls, I’ve probably seen all the episodes multiple times 😉


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