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Deep Sea Fishing

Happy Monday! As I mentioned yesterday, today’s post is all about the deep sea fishing trip Alex and I went out on Saturday night. Enjoy 🙂


A few weeks ago I was on LivingSocial and found a voucher for a sunset deep sea fishing outing. Since it was my turn to plan out date, I thought this would  be fun and different for July. I bought the voucher and made the reservation for July 15th! I planned on telling Alex a few days beforehand but he ended up guessing it before then :/

The trip was run through Ocean Explorer. The boat left from Belmar, New Jersey which is about an hour from us so we relaxed in the morning before heading out. We had to arrive 45 minutes before hand to check in. Checking in the crew was super nice and made sure we filled out the necessary info for them and there were no issues with the voucher or reservation which I liked. I would recommend this boat if you are interested in fishing! You were allowed to bring food and drinks, including alcohol, on the boat.

When it was 4 we set out to our first stop! The crew left us alone on the boat rides but were there if we had any questions. As someone who would spend their summers out on a lake boating, I was so excited to be on a boat again! The ride to our first spot was about an hour from the marina but it flew by. A crew member came around and gave each group some bait as we got closer to stopping and Alex grabbed us fishing rods.

Finally it was time to stop. One of the crew members, Billy, came and asked if I needed help baiting my hook (Alex was in the bathroom) so he put the squid on the hook and showed me how to cast with their rods. It was so simple to cast! All you had to do was release the line, put your thumb over it to prevent tangles, and wait until the sinker hit the bottom. Once that happened you moved the pole a little to entice fish and they would bite!

The first time I cast, I caught the fish above. Unfortunately it was too small to keep but I was glad I got something. All passengers were allowed 2 sea bass at least 12 inches in length and 3 fluke 18 inches in length. The next time I cast I caught another fish but it wasn’t one of the kinds we could keep.

Alex also caught some fish but didn’t get a picture since the R.H., another crew member, threw it back in the water before I grabbed the camera. Billy and R.H. were awesome at walking around so if we needed help it was always close but they were not intrusive at all. After about 30 minutes or so, we moved to another spot for a total of 4 fishing spots total.

Sadly, we did not catch any fish big enough to bring home. In total we caught 7 fish, and that doesn’t include the ones that would eat the bait and swim away. When the horn beeped three times, it was time to go back to the marina which was a little sad. I had such a good time, I want to go back again. The ride back to the marina was beautiful since the sun was setting.

Alex and I both agreed it was a great time and the crew members were so helpful.

3 thoughts on “Deep Sea Fishing”

  1. Love the pictures from your trip! It’s so sweet that you guys take turns to plan dates 🙂
    LivingSocial/Groupon are the best for finding new activities to do!


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