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Long Run + Pizza

Happy Saturday! I am currently in the car driving to Ocean City, Maryland to see my parents and little brother! My younger brother plays lacrosse on a traveling team and they are playing in a tournament here this weekend. So Alex and I are making the drive down to see them. Have a great day 🙂


I was so glad I had prepped breakfast Thursday night since I took a little longer than normal to get ready for work. After work, I got home and changed into my workout clothes. I normally don’t run Fridays but because I knew I wouldn’t be running today, my coach switched my long run to last night instead. Even though it was pretty hot I still felt pretty good!

I saw such random things on my run today. It started off with the cat in the picturee below. The cat was just sitting on the path as if it was sitting on the floor of its house. To be honest, I’m not sure there was even a collar on the animal. It was so odd to me. Just a little later, I spotted a homemade bird tree just hanging from a random branch. If you ever did a craft project in grade school that’s what it reminded me of. The path I was on was kind of through the woods so I’m not sure why you’d want a bird house out there. Then when I was finishing up my run and a woman was picking the wild berries along the trail! She had a tupperware container and everything.

After I got home from my run, Alex told me his parents invited us over for pizza. I hopped in the shower quick and put a little makeup on before we headed over. Alex’s dad made watermelon margaritas which were so tasty after my hot run. The pizza was good. Since we had to wake up early this morning (4:30 am alarm…) we left shortly after eating. It was nice to see his parents, sister, brother and his fiance.

When we got home, we got things ready so we could leave pretty quickly in the morning. I am a morning person for sure but even that’s a little early for me. I thought by having the cooler out and my clothes laid on the ground would make getting out the door a lot easier. It’s going to be in the 90s today at this tournament so I’m very happy we have a cooler to fill with water bottles.

We ended the night by finishing “My Cousin Vinny” before heading to bed early. This movie is so funny! Funny in a way that I could see myself watching it multiple times and still laugh at it.

4 thoughts on “Long Run + Pizza”

  1. I haven’t seen My Cousin Vinny either – but I’m going to check it out!
    Getting things ready the night before makes it so much easier to get out the door in the morning! Good luck to your brother in his tournament! Lacrosse is fun to watch 🙂


    1. You should watch it for sure!
      It was so much easier to get out the door with everything ready. Lacrosse is one of my favorite sports since there’s not a lot of stopping in play 🙂 have a great day!


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