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Reading And A Documentary

Happy Thursday! I’m hoping the weather holds off tonight since I’m supposed to go for a run after work. Have a great day 🙂

The weather on Wednesday was weird. It was sunny and beautiful until about 3:00 pm or so. The sky turned a little grey with some occasional thunder. Since I work at a warehouse and trucks come in and out I thought it was just noise from that and not thunder. At about 3:30 it got pretty dark and started to pour! I didn’t even it was supposed to rain yesterday so I left the car windows open just a crack since it was pretty hot, oops.

When I got home, I got did some stuff around the apartment before getting comfy on the couch to read. I finished “Defending Jacob” and did not see the end coming at all. I really enjoyed the style of the book. The author writes it from a father’s point of view while his son is on trial for a murder. The end definitely came out of left field for me. Before I could start my new book it was time to make dinner.

Last night I put two chicken breasts in a plastic bag with some lemon garlic marinade. I use the brand Lupo’s which is local to upstate New York but you can order it online! My dad grew up in the town where this shop is so I grew up with these marinades. I’ve tried almost all of them at this point and each one is so flavorful. I try to marinade any meat for 24 hours to really let the flavor soak into it. With a side of cheesy rice and salad dinner was served! I bought a new type of flavor rice and it reminded Alex and I of mac and cheese so I don’t think we’ll have it again.

After dinner, I changed into my pjs and took my makeup off. I wanted to do a face mask so I let my skin breath a bit before putting it on. While waiting, I started “Big Little Lies”. I’ve read “The Husband’s Secret” which is also by Liane Moriarty and really enjoyed that so I have high hopes for this one. I will be sure to report back my thoughts when I finish it!

I was scrolling through Facebook and saw this picture. Does anyone else feel like this sometimes after an especially long work week?! I thought it was so funny and wanted to share with y’all.


Alex and I were talking about some random topics after dinner and realized we wanted to watch a documentary. I scrolled through Netflix and found one called “JFK” The Making of a President”. We both liked it but thought it would’ve gone a little more in depth into the topics. The show gave more of an overview but if you want to learn a little more about JFK I recommend this documentary! Interestingly enough all of the professors and the narrator weer British. I assumed since it was about a president they would be American.

Question of the day: What’s your favorite documentary movie or show?

3 thoughts on “Reading And A Documentary”

  1. The weather in Boston was crazy yesterday too! And I LOVE “Big Little Lies” – I read the book then watched the series. I loved both so much haha, let me know what you think!

    And my favorite documentary lately has been “What the Health”! Hope you have a great day girl 🙂


    1. The East Coast must have been a little bipolar with the weather yesterday. I’m so excited to read it! Mostly because I want to watch the show but I’m one of those people that likes to read the book first. I will be sure to tell you what I think when I finish.
      I want to watch “What the Health” but I could also see myself getting way to into and throwing out all the “bad” food in my kitchen ha! There’s a few good health documentaries that I’ve heard about similar to this one as well.
      Have a great one 🙂

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