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Burgers + Berries

Happy Wednesday! I hope you are all enjoying your week so far. Almost halfway to the weekend, woo! Have a great day 🙂

Instead of going right home after work last night, I decided to stop by a local farm stand. I figured that instead of having ice cream as a sweet snack after work, fruit might be a healthier option. The farm stand has a sign that advertises what they are selling that day but I didn’t see it so I took a chance on what produce they had. I was excited to see berries being sold and grabbed a basket of blackberries. They looked so juicy and fresh that I had to stop myself from eating them all on the drive home.

Alex worked late so when I got home I prepped some veggies for dinner, made my lunch and picked out a new book to read. I finished “The Opposite of Love” during my lunch break and enjoyed it! Definitely more of a light read that I think would be perfect for the end of summer. My next book is “A Friend of Mr. Lincoln”, a historical fiction novel about a man who was friends with Abraham Lincoln during Lincoln’s 20s and 30s.

For dinner, we made cheeseburgers and any guess on the vegetables?! Obviously roasted broccoli and potatoes. I promise I eat other vegetables I’m just on a kick with roasting these two. Normally I eat my salad with dinner but I was hungry so I ate it while cooking the main meal.

Once everything was cleaned up, I got comfy on the couch and opened my book. I thought about going to Dick’s Sporting Goods to get some new sports bras because I’m having chaffing issues with mine 😦 For some reason I got too comfortable and ended up on the couch for the rest of the night. For dessert I grabbed a handful of the blackberries and they were SO good.

Question of the day: What helps you sleep at night? I’ve been waking up the past few nights sometimes multiple times. While it could be because my dad’s an insomniac, I’m hoping I didn’t get that gene. Help a girl out if you have any tips! 

4 thoughts on “Burgers + Berries”

  1. Those blackberries look so good!! Now I want to go buy some haha. I bought a huge thing of strawberries for this week.
    Lately I’ve been waking up a few times throughout the night, but I think it’s because I’m really uncomfortable in my boot haha. It helps me to take really deep breaths and count to five with each inhale/exhale.

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  2. Those blackberries look so good – and that really makes me want a cheeseburger now 🙂
    I always read before bed and that helps me wind down, I wake up really early sometimes and have a hard time going back to sleep…so I am in the same boat as you unfortunately.
    Have a great day!


    1. The blackberries are so good! I might go buy some more after work tomorrow.
      Reading definitely helps me wind down at night. I’ve heard essential oils can be helpful with insomnia so I might try them out. If I do I’ll see if they help me because they may help you.
      Thanks Erinn! I hope the first day of school went well 🙂


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