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Did You Notice The Change + Date Night

Happy Monday! I hope you are checking back in after a fun and relaxing weekend. Have a great day 🙂

Did you notice anything different today? I bought a domain name! I have contemplated buying my own domain name for a while and yesterday I finally did it. I’m really excited about this next step in my blog and hope it’s easier for all of you as well.

In typical Sunday fashion, we started our morning with some carbs i.e waffles. We typically cut the recipe in half but the mix was almost empty so we just used it all which was a little less than the full recipe. What do you do when you don’t have exact measurements of dry ingredients? You just use a little less of the wet ingredients. The waffles turned out well and now I have leftovers for a quick breakfast at some point this week.

Alex had to fix his parent’s fence with his older brother so he headed out the door as I did some laundry. The past few times I’ve done laundry the clothes are soaked after the washing machine finishes. Please give me pointers on how to fix this! I tried setting the batch size as smaller but it didn’t help 😦

I read on the couch for a bit and worked on some blog stuff as well. I’m still reading “All is Vanity” by Christina Schwarz and about halfway through right now. When Alex got home, his mom and sister were with him to deliver nightstands. Well they’re not actually nightstands, size wise they are definitely end tables. But beggars can’t be choosers so we made them work!

For lunch I made a ham sandwich. I added some white American cheese, mustard, and lettuce to finish it off. I haven’t had a sandwich with deli meat in so long and it was pretty tasty. I also don’t think I’ve ever had a ham sandwich so I was a little surprised that having one sounded good.

After lunch, I folded the laundry while watching “Gilmore Girls”. I have two episodes left in the original portion of the series which seems crazy to me! On one hand I feel like I started it recently but on the other I know I’ve been watching the show for months so I shouldn’t be too surprised. When the laundry was done, I colored for a bit. Coloring helps me to unwind and relax a bit while being creative.


I started to go a little stir crazy and since it was such a nice day decided to go for a walk! Alex volunteered to join me which made it that much better. We walked 2 miles and it was a great way to get out and enjoy the day. When we got home, we relaxed for a bit before heading out on our date.

Alex did a great job on playing a fun date night for us. The Middlesex County fair ended yesterday and I’m constantly showing Alex videos and pictures of cute little farm animals. . Luckily for me the fair had some animals so I was happy. The animals were all raised by kids in 4-H clubs. They had a little pen made up where a bunch of small animals were instead of having them in the same area as full grown ones. It was so cute to see them and I even pet the baby cow 🙂

We walked around the fair a bit more and stumbled upon some games. Alex and I tried our hand at the shooting game. The point was to hit the red start out of the paper with 100 rounds. It was hard! I have never shot anything before and it took me a while to figure out where the little pellets were going. As you can guess, I didn’t win anything. Alex was really close though but the man didn’t let us keep the sheet for that round 😦

We walked around a little more and were thirsty so I picked up a lemonade for us to enjoy. The fair had a bunch of different food options as well but nothing really stuck out to us so we decided to grab sandwiches from a local place instead. I had a chicken sandwich that I haven’t had in so long and really enjoyed it!


After dinner, I read some more on the couch before getting ready to settle in and watch “Game of Thrones”. Since Sundays go late, I always take my makeup off and usually do a face mask as well to unwind and reset before the week. The mask I chose was the First Aid Beauty peel off red clay mask. I throw it on right before the episode starts and then once it’s completely dry I peel it off. No spoilers but who watched last nights episode? I feel like I get so sucked in that I can’t believe when the episode ends.

Question of the day: What’s your favorite farm animal? Right now I think mine is a little pig.

4 thoughts on “Did You Notice The Change + Date Night”

  1. Ahh yay congrats on getting a domain name!
    That date sounds like so much fun 🙂 my favorite farm animal is probably a duck! I think mallard ducks are the cutest. I also love donkeys.
    Hope you have the best Monday!!


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