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7 Miles And A New Recipe

Happy Sunday friends! Have a great day 🙂

Saturday started pretty early for me. I woke up around 6:20 and decided to lay in bed a bit to actually wake up before getting out to make some peanut butter toast as pre-run fuel. When I was getting dressed the temperature was in the upper 50s and I was loving it! I had a seven mile run on the schedule and it’s the longest run since getting back into running so I was nervous and excited. I used my water bottle for the second time and enjoyed it more. The idiot that I am carried it wrong on Tuesday but luckily I figured that out before my run. I used a PowerGel around mile 4 and am happy to report that it didn’t bother my stomach and I actually think it helped give me energy which was great.

I got home and Alex ahadsome scrambled eggs and bacon waiting for me. Boyfriend for the win! I was super excited to not have to cook and be able to eat breakfast with him. He had to go give an estimate so while he was gone, I foam rolled. Oh my…rolling hurt y’all. My legs were very happy to get in a good stretching and rolling session. Once that was done, I showered and headed to the grocery store.

When I got back, I unloaded the grocery and drank a ton of water. I’ve tried bringing my bottle with me at the store but I find it hard to carry and don’t want it to spill in the cart. Walking around a bunch of food and then putting it all away made me pretty hungry. I heated up a tortilla with white American cheese, some grilled chicken, lettuce and hot sauce to enjoy for lunch. Heating up the tortilla and melting the cheese was a good call. I took a picture but apparently it didn’t save or something since it was not on my phone 😦


Our friend Sarah came over for dinner last night. Having a dinner guest just forced me to clean things I was putting off during the week. Once I wiped down the bathroom and kitchen I had a fun little project to do. Next weekend I am going to my grandparents house in Indiana for my grandpa’s 80th birthday party. One of my aunts decided that we should all dress up like my grandpa for the party. So I got to work on making my costume. My grandma would tell us stories when we were younger and one of them was when my mom and her family were camping. My grandpa was trying to put mustard on his sandwich and it squirt all over his polo. Luckily Alex had an old polo that we were going to donate so I took it and put a big mustard stain on it. But the stain didn’t work so I may be going to the thrift store this week for a new polo.

I got hungry so I grabbed a peach to snack on while I started my next book. “Secret Daughter” is by Shilpi Somaya Gowda and follows two women. One is from India and she makes the painful decision to give her daughter up for the adoption and the other is from America who learns she is unable to conceive children. I’m about a quarter of the way through and am interested to see where the story goes!

Our friend Sarah came over for dinner and I decided to try out a new recipe. I feel like most people wouldn’t try out a new recipe on a dinner guest but oh well! I found the recipe on Facebook and it turned out great. The three of us all raved about it. As with most recipes, I will be making a few tweaks so the next time I make it I will definitely share it! Dinner was foil pack chicken and rice.

Sarah was kind enough to bring over dessert for us. She also tried out a new recipe on the dessert and made cookie bars. They were dairy free, gluten free and vegan. The weird ingredient in them was chickpeas. I’m a picky eater and was nervous to try them but you couldn’t taste the chickpeas at all. Yes that picture is of an almost empty plate. I think it speaks volumes to how much we enjoyed them! After dinner, we hung out a bit and talked before she had to drive home.

When she left, Alex and I put our pjs on and watched some tv. It was a really nice Saturday! I’m glad we were able to see Sarah and catch up with her.

Question of the day: Do you try out new recipes when guests come over?

8 thoughts on “7 Miles And A New Recipe”

  1. Nice job on those seven miles! I love that it’s getting cooler out in Boston, too.

    I usually don’t try out a new recipe when I have guests over, because I’m scared I will mess something up! But it’s always fun to experiment 🙂

    Have a great Sunday!!


    1. Thanks! The cooler weather is nice but I do hope it warms up again, I don’t think I’m ready for fall just yet.

      I was nervous but luckily she’s pretty chill and wouldn’t care if I messed something up.

      Enjoy your Sunday Marina!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I am SO glad it’s getting cooler outside, as well!
    I try to stick to familiar recipes when guests come over, but my cooking confidence has grown a lot lately so I might start shaking it up:)


    1. Do it!! I’m really happy I tried a new recipe so I could get another person’s opinion on it. Trying new recipes for other people has helped my cooking confidence a bunch.

      Have a great Sunday Kerri 🙂


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