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Ready For Labor Day

Happy Thursday! Have a great day 🙂

I was very happy to have breakfast premade for me yesterday morning! For whatever reason my shower took so much longer than normal (tmi?) that I felt rushed to eat. I actually rushed out the door, just trying to keep it real around here. Overnight oats really come in handy on these mornings!

After work, I tagged along with Alex to pick up his shoes from the cobbler. When we got there, a sign on the door said he was gone until Saturday 9/2 but he’s not even open on Saturdays! We were not happy since the man didn’t even mention he would be gone when Alex dropped his shoes off last week. Who does that to customers?? I feel like you should at least alert you customers that the shop will be closed. We ran by his parents house to print stuff since our printer is broken. How pretty are those flowers his mom had on their table?! It made me want to go and get a fresh bouquet to replace my diy centerpiece.

By the time we got home, we started to get hungry so I prepped potatoes and broccoli to roast. Alex got ready to grill up some burgers and 30 minutes later we were ready to eat! Roasted potatoes have taken a back seat since last week and I was happy to have them back in my routine.

After dinner, I had to get some things ready for the weekend. I’m taking a quick 48 hour trip to Chicago/Indiana for a family party and I’m already tired from it. I can tell I will be one happy camper when I get back home Monday morning. Don’t get me wrong, I love seeing my family but I will spend at least 12 hours traveling between driving, flights, and spending time on the airport. Travel can sometimes stress me out so I’m trying to look on the bright side.

I started a new book so I got on the couch to read. “Calico Joe” by John Grisham is a story about a man, Paul, who was a boy when Calico Joe (his nickname) was called up to the MLB. Due to injuries on the Chicago Cubs team, they called Joe up from the minors. Paul’s father was a pitcher for the Mets and somehow his dad ended Calico Joe’s career after 38 games. So far, I really like it!

After about an hour of reading, Alex asked if I wanted to watch some “Burn Notice” and I said yes. We cuddled on the couch and watched an episode before heading to bed. I used to watch this show with my family but I started at season 2 or 3 so I like watching the beginning. Plus I never saw the last season or two so I have no clue how it ends either.

Question of the day: What show are you currently watching? Since Game of Thrones ended I have a feeling we’ll get through Burn Notice quickly.

10 thoughts on “Ready For Labor Day”

  1. Beautiful flowers!!
    I’m already suffering from GoT withdrawals 😦
    Have you watched Sons of Anarchy? Or Dexter? We are watching Animal Kingdom too and it’s pretty good.


    1. Aren’t the flowers pretty?! I love them.
      I have watched Sons of Anarchy and really liked it. Dexter has been on my list of shows to watch but I haven’t yet. Maybe we’ll try that next!

      Have a great day Erinn 🙂


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