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Change Of Plans

Happy Fri-yay! I hope you the workday goes quick for everyone before the holiday weekend. Have a great day 🙂

Breakfast was a smoothie and scrambled egg with hot sauce again. As few months ago, I bought a container of collagen and was really good about using it then life got busy and I stopped. Since I constantly see it in my cabinet, I figured I should get back into using it. I tried adding collagen into my smoothie and it kind of clumped up on the bottom. Maybe I put too much in (I used 2 tablespoons) or maybe I need to add it once the fruit is semi blended. I’ll try a few more times and report back in case anyone is interested!

As always, lunch was a peanut butter sandwich, carrots, pretzels and spicy hummus. The hummus container was almost empty so I figured it wouldn’t make sense to dirty a container. I brought a massive almost empty container of hummus and put it in the break room fridge. I’m sure it looked ridiculous when I walked through the office with what looked like an empty hummus package. I finished “Calico Joe” and really enjoyed it! If you want a heart warming story, I recommend this one. It’s a quick read and left a smile on my face.

After work, I came home and quickly went out for my run. 5 miles total with some tempo miles thrown in. It felt good to get out there after having a weird schedule this week. Aside from two people not moving out of my way when walking on the wrong side on the path (my pet peeve!!) the run was uneventful. I got home and foam rolled since I had a feeling my legs would be sore later on. I showered, made my lunch and breakfast then started typing up this post.

We were going to have leftovers for dinner but Alex’s mom invited us over Friday night for a little barbecue (aka bribed us with free food). Instead of making pizza for dinner then and having leftovers last night, we made the pizza! I bought the dough from Trader Joe’s and it was good! Alex and I had never rolled out pizza dough so we definitely need to work on that, and maybe buy a rolling pin to make it easier. I didn’t think the plan through that well when I was at the store. We improvised a seltzer bottle to use as a rolling pin.

Can you tell who was in charge of adding the pepperoni…Alex

Alex said let’s sit on the floor and watch a movie while we ate. Before making dinner, I ran to the library to pick up “Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End”. After a hiatus from movies, we were back at it! We watched about half of it last night. The effects in that movie are so good. When we stopped the movie, we hopped in bed.

Question of the day: Are you good with changed plans? Sometimes I am, sometimes I’m not. It totally depends on the change! 

20 thoughts on “Change Of Plans”

  1. Nice job on your run! And that pizza looks delicious – I love pepperoni, I’m with Alex 🙂
    I deal with change okay, but it definitely depends on the change. My husband on the other hand, not so much! Enjoy your weekend!


    1. Thanks! I’ll tell him you agree with his pepperoni placement lol.
      Small changes or whatever but big changes can be hard, even if they may be trivial in the end.

      Thank for reading Erinn. Have a great Labor Day weekend 🙂


    1. It makes me feel better that its hard to roll the dough out and not just us being stupid about it. I think a rolling pin would work much better with it though ha! Spicy hummus is a staple in my fridge. I can’t run out.

      Thanks Julie! Have a great weekend as well 🙂


    1. Thank you! I feel like we should get a rolling pin since it can be helpful with so many recipes. I’m the same way, I write out my week in my agenda and meal plan there as well. Planning helps me not stress as much about certain things and know what has to be done when.

      Thanks for stopping by! Enjoy your weekend 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  2. That pizza looks delish! and good for you for getting your run in!! Sometimes I’m ok. I definitely do better now than I used to! But I think it depends on what the plans where 🙂 Hope you have a great weekend!!


  3. So funny, I just had pizza for dinner last night!! Isn’t it fun to make your own?! I’m like you with changes of plans, I can usually go with the flow, but it kind of depends on what the change is, ha!


    1. It was fun! I would totally get the ingredients from Trader Joe’s again (that’s where I got it all from) except use an actual rolling pin lol. If it’s a big change, I can’t deal but small ones are whatever to me. Have a great day Allie 🙂

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    1. It drives me nuts when people do that! I don’t see what’s so hard about staying on the right side of the sidewalk and trails. A wine bottle is probably a better option than a seltzer bottle lol.

      Have a great night 🙂


    1. I feel like eventually my life will be but right now plans are good. It was good!

      On another note, I’ve been trying to comment on your blog and I always get a message saying I’m a suspected bot so I can’t 😦 Your blog is cute!

      Have a great day!


  4. I’m not the best with changed plans–I’ve gotten a lot better about it, but I crave some kind of structure in day to day life. However, on vacations or weekends, I find it a lot easier to just unwind and go with the flow!


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