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Labor Day Weekend

Hi friends!

I’m sorry to go MIA on you this weekend. I meant to have a Saturday post up like normal but a late dinner at Alex’s parents house derailed that plan. This weekend, I made a quick 48 hour trip to Indiana for my grandpa’s 80th birthday. Let’s start from the beginning though, shall we?

P.S this post maybe a little photo-less since I was trying to enjoy the time with my family. All 23 (grandparents, parents and grandkids) of us were together, which never happens and the next time it does could honestly be someone’s wedding.


Luckily, Saturday didn’t start out too early for me. I woke up at about 5/5:15 to shower before my flight. We live about an hour away from the airport so I needed to leave by 6 to get breakfast (priorities!), take the above picture of the sunrise, drive and park. TSA precheck is the best $80 my parents have ever spent for me. It makes security an absolute breeze to get through. I walked to the gate and found a seat. United is redoing the gates at Newark’s airport so the gate was under construction. I found a seat close by and dug into my breakfast sandwich. Instead of buying a water bottle, I packed an empty one so I could have unlimited water before and during the flight.

I flew to Chicago and my sister picked me up. We drove to my parents to pack the car then headed to my grandparents house in Indiana. Saturday was very travel friendly between flying to Chicago then driving two hours to Indiana. Naturally I called shotgun so I could be in charge of music. In the car I drove in (my immediate family took 3!) it was me, my mom and sister. “Yeah!” by Usher came on when we were close to their house so one of them decided we should blast it with the windows down as we pulled into my grandparents driveway. I feel like that right there sums up how the weekend went ha.

The rest of Saturday was spent catching up with family, unloading a ton of food, and doing a little party decorating. My mom and her three sisters didn’t want my grandma to deal with cooking or food so everyone brought a ton of food. There were boxes and bags all over the house. For dinner we had Italian beef from my favorite place in Chicago. I was a happy camper when I found out that was on the menu. I stayed up way too late but had a ton of laughs.


I woke up bright and early Sunday morning at 6:35 and scrolled through my phone a bit before getting up. Since everyone else was sleeping and it was so early, I didn’t want to get ready for my run immediately. A little before 7, I got up and changed before heading out. Traveling can dehydrate you so I wasn’t sure how I would feel during the 4-6 miles my coach scheduled for me. Aside from the hills large inclines, I felt great! I told myself I had to get at least 4 done but about 2.5 miles in decided to go for the full 6 and I’m SO glad I did.

The one “complaint”, if you want to call it that, with going away this weekend was basically being powerless to the food I ate since I had no hand in planning or prepping it. Running made me feel much better the whole day, even if I snacked on a little too much Chex Mix. When I got home, I was stretching my calves on the front step right by the sidewalk and my grandma opened the front door because she thought I was a stranger staring into the house. I got home just in time to help set up the food table for breakfast. Yes we had a food table, there were 23 people in a 3 bedroom house! We were packed like sardines (kidding…kinda) but it was very crowded.

After cleaning up, party prep really began. We had to remake Bingo cards since my aunt made 30 copies of the exact same card on accident. My mom, two aunts, uncle, two cousins and I cut and glued/taped 25 cards to make sure they were all different. Instead of using numbers, my aunt took a picture of each person to make the spaces. We filled a pinata with candy, hung up some balloons then got ready for lunch. My family always jokes that when we’re in Indiana, all we do is eat. Which is kind of true. If one person gets a snack then most people pick at it or get their own.

Finally the party began. I have no idea who thought of this but the daughters had all of the grandkids dress up as my grandpa through the years. We did a fashion show and my grandparents were laughing at all of them. It was so funny to hear them laugh and see how everyone turned out. Above is boat grandpa and camping (mustard) grandpa ready for the party! Then everyone got changed into a white shirt and khaki shorts. My grandpa wears a white polo and khakis pretty much every day so we thought it would be funny to all show up in that. I’m sure whoever walked by thought we were crazy but oh well!

The rest of the night was spent eating way to many treats, taking pictures in the diy photobooth and playing games. We played pin granpda on the boat, bingo and did the piñata. We forgot to do the pinata while the sun was out so we did it on the porch at about 11pm and the plastic bat hitting it sounded so loud compared to the quiet night. Luckily no one complained and the younger cousins had fun.


Labor Day started so early, 4:20 am to be exact. I found a direct flight out of South Bend, Indiana’s airport to Newark which was so convenient except that the flight was at 6:20am. My mom was nice enough to drive me to the airport and it was a breeze to get through security. Small airports are great since they are never that crowded and this one only had 8 gates with 2 that had planes at them. I read the entire flight which is nice except I was hoping I would sleep longer than 10 minutes.

To say I was happy to be home is an understatement. As much fun as I had with my family, I love getting home from trips and bathing in my own shower. Since our washing machine is still broken, Alex and I had to go to his parents house to wash our clothes. Instead of sitting there and waiting, we went grocery shopping and got some sandwiches for lunch. We grabbed all of our wet clothes and brought them back to use in our dryer. Yes we did wash our clothes in one place and dry them in another ha.

After doing some things around the apartment, we sat down to watch a comedy special on Netflix. I think I fell asleep about 30 seconds into it. I’m not a napper so I knew I was tired to fall asleep. After about 40 minutes on and off, I was up even if I was slow moving. I folded all of the laundry to help me wake up. Once that was done, I was set for the rest of the day.

Alex finished his school work and we watched some “Burn Notice”. For some reason, we were not hungry for dinner last night. Naturally when we were ready to finish “Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End” I got hungry so mac and cheese was our gourmet dinner. It really hit the spot! We finished the movie then hopped into bed.

It was a long and fun weekend but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t looking forward to staying home this weekend.

Question of the day: What did you do this weekend?

7 thoughts on “Labor Day Weekend”

    1. Travel is meant for over indulging right?!
      Seriously, TSA pre-check is the best to happen to travel. It’s bad because now I get to airports as late as possible since security is so easy. I bet you’ll love it as much as I do.

      Have a great day Julie 🙂


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