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A 5k And Not So Healthy Day

Happy Sunday! Today is going to be filled with doing a bunch of things around the house before Alex and I pack up to house and dog sit for his parents. Have a great day 🙂

Saturday morning started on a fun note! There was a charity 5k near us that I signed up for. The girl it’s named after, Helene Cody, died of a brain aneurysm at 16 years old. Her family started a foundation in her name to “inspire youth to volunteer to better their communities and themselves”. Helene was an avid runner so there has been a 5k every year with the money from sign ups being put towards scholarships and projects that the foundation puts on. I finished the 5k in 28:10 and decreased every mile, woo! I was happy to see this and can’t wait to see how my running improves from here.

After the run, Alex and I went to his parents house so I could shower. His grandparents were there to pick up his uncle. Cranbury Day is a small street fair that is put on every year. Once I showered and his dad was back, we all drove to the fair to walk around. Businesses and community groups have tables on the streets with different activities for people to partake in. Alex’s mom had a table with another real estate agent in her office with small wooden bird houses for children to paint. A cute little girl came by and needed some help but her mom was helping the sister. Helping this girl made me so excited to become a mom in a few years!

The 5k had a bunch of raffles that you were entered into by signing up. I checked after the finish before we left to see if I won. I’m pretty sure Alex may have rolled his eyes when I said I was going to check but the joke was on him since I won a $25 gift card to a new sandwich shop in town, called Mr. Subs. After walking around for most of the morning we were pretty hungry. I treated Alex to lunch (with my free gift card) and it was good! Although we did find the shop a little expensive for two sandwiches plus the combo that gave us chips and a drink as well.

By the time we got home it was about 1, which doesn’t seem late but we were out and about since 8 so we were ready to relax a bit. We turned on an episode of “Burn Notice”. After it ended, we went to run a bunch of errands.

Normally I plan our meals for the week the weekend ahead of time. Weekends are semi planned but last night we had nothing planned. Since I didn’t grocery shop or plan anything we had only a few options at home. We didn’t want to make something and have leftovers so we grabbed takeout. I got Buffalo chicken fingers and fries that Alex and I shared. When we got back from picking the food up nothing was hot which was super annoying. I turned our oven on and put the paper bag of fries in it. Big mistake. Something smelled off and when I opened the oven door, I smelled burning and saw a lot of smoke. I yelled for Alex, opened the window and turned the fan on high. He put the mini fire out and the alarm didn’t go off luckily. So learn from me and don’t put a paper bag of fries in an oven, even if the oven is barely hot.

Question of the day: Have you ever set a container on fire while warming up food? When I was in 7th grade, I put a frozen bag of bread in the microwave to defrost so we could pack lunches. Luckily a worker who was at our house noticed it was burning and took it out in time to prevent a big fire. 

16 thoughts on “A 5k And Not So Healthy Day”

  1. Lol! That story made me laugh. Also major congrats on the 5k .. what an amazing individual to run it for too. Thank you for sharing the background of the race with us ❤️ hope you have a great week- fire free 😉


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