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Suit Shopping

Hi everyone! How is your weekend so far? I hope it’s going well. Have a great Sunday 🙂

Yes I’m aware I need to paint my nails, please don’t judge!
Saturday mornings started out like usual with toast and peanut butter for a pre-run breakfast. Even though I was out the door by 7 am, the sun started to heat up the morning on my 5 mile run. Based on weather.com, it looks like it’s going to cool off here in Princeton this week and it’ll finally feel like fall!


Alex’s parents brought him a beautiful leather wallet back from Italy so he was transferring his belongings into it. He found a Dunkin Donuts giftcard with money still on it so, instead of making breakfast, we drove over to get iced coffee and tea plus some food to fuel us for our shopping trip. I opted for an unsweetened iced tea and reduced fat blueberry muffin while Alex chose an iced coffee with cream and a sausage, egg and cheese sandwich. The muffin was delicious and not too sweet which was good.


Someone has a big week this week and is starting a new job in the city, yay Alex!! He needed some new suits so we headed to a local mall. We’re ballin’ on a budget over here in Jersey so we wanted to find good quality suits for him without spending a billion dollars. Macy’s was having an awesome sale you guys! The suits he got were 50% off plus and additional 30% off of that. He got two suits for less than what one should have cost.

The salesman who was helping us out, Andy, was amazing. I don’t know if that department works on commission or not but he could not have been better in my opinion. Sometimes I think commission sales associates in department stores can turn a blind eye if you look young but he came up to us and was so helpful. One thing I really appreciated was that he didn’t try to sell Alex the most expensive suit in the store just to make the sale, he brought us over the the suits that were 50% to and worked up towards the more expensive ones. Andy was also helpful without being on top of us too which was great and really listened to the color and style Alex wanted.


After Macy’s we went to Alex’s tailor to drop off one of the suits and get a few adjustments done. The owners are a cute, old married couple that could not have been any sweeter. I seriously love when people are genuine in the customer service field, makes the experience so much better! Then we had to go grocery shopping before stopping at Alex’s parents house to get the razor, shaving cream, and shampoo we left there. Luckily they live close so it’s easy to do. By the time that was all done it was close to 3 pm and we were starving. On the way home, we swung by McDonald’s to grab lunch. Is it the healthiest lunch ever? No, but we were about convenience then since we hadn’t eaten in 6 hours.


Once lunch was done and the groceries were put away we watched an episode of “Burn Notice”. Spending a weekend morning out and about then watching an episode of tv while chilling on the couch is the best. It makes the day feel productive yet relaxed which I enjoy. Afterwards, I cleaned up a few things around the house and read some blogs. I had more cookies to frost from Wednesday night since the frosting didn’t cover all of them. Mrs. Anderson said “Thank you very little” for the cookies since she and Tory, Alex’s twin, had eaten all of the ones I left for them. I think this means the recipe was a winner for them 😉


Since we ate such a late lunch we didn’t start to get hungry until about 7:30. Luckily dinner was simple and came together really quickly. Alex requested a meal that his mom used to make. I cooked Italian sausage on the stove and made some pasta. We tossed them together with a little marinara sauce and parmesan cheese. A little fun fact – that’s the first time in so long that I ate marinara sauce. I don’t like tomatoes so I won’t eat a lot of them but the one Alex picked was really well blended so no chunks of tomatoes were in it. Such a good dinner! I will definitely keep it in my back pocket for busy nights in the future.

To end the night we watched Jerry Seinfeld’s new comedy special on Netflix and had a glass of white wine. I had never watched him before but he was funny! Not every joke was laugh out loud but they were all good and clean since I know not everyone likes dirty comedy. If you’re interested I think you should check it out!

Question of the day: What has been the highlight of your weekend so far?!

6 thoughts on “Suit Shopping”

    1. Thank you! I hope whatever is hurting stops soon, if I remember correctly you’re training for a half marathon. Yes I do, I use the website/app Final Surge. I found out about it through my running coach but it’s free to use.

      Have a great day, Dawn 🙂

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  1. The trill of new work clothes for the first few years out of college is so fun:) I’m in NYC visiting some old college friends. I used to live here, so it’s been fun to check out all my old haunts while catching up with old friends!


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