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World’s Most Productive Wednesday

Happy Thursday! Does this week feel like it’s flying by for everyone else? It seems like Monday was yesterday in my opinion. I hope you have a wonderful day πŸ™‚


When my alarm went off, I stayed in bed for a little bit to scroll through social media. Some mornings I’m really good at getting out of bed right away but yesterday was not one of those mornings. Eventually I got my booty out of bed and ready for the day. I didn’t feel like spending a ton of time in the kitchen so I scrambled an egg and paired it with Greek yogurt.


The past couple of weeks, I’ve had a few small errands that needed to get done that I put off. I took yesterday off to just go and get it all done. My to do list was so long and I wasn’t too sure if it would all be finished. I packed my car up with anything I would need and headed out. As you can see my to do list was full but I was determined to get it all done. The reason one of the items is blacked out is so that a certain someone named Alex doesn’t know where I went.


A few weeks ago I picked up a couple ceramic pumpkins from the dollar section at Target to use at fall decorations. I planned on putting them on our table but they looked really small on the table so I needed some additions. Walmart and Target seemed like two good options for cheap decor, until everything at every store goes on sale in a few months πŸ™‚ While browsing the seasonal decor at Target I came across Christmas lights and a few small decorations! It’s not even October!! Guys this is crazy. I love the holidays as much as the next person but stores need to relax.

Recently my running shoes have been giving me blisters. I’m not positive why. I’ve been using the Ravenna style by Brooks since sophomore year of high school so I thought I may have needed a new style. There’s a running specialty store in Princeton that I gave a try to get fitted properly. If you run at all, go to a running specialty store! Yes it can be a little more expensive than your typical sporting goods store but it’ll be better in the long run. Plus after wards, you can always go to your local sporting goods store to continue buying the same style shoes. I ended up getting the newest version of the updated version of the Ravennas. Fingers crossed they work out!


I planned my day so that I would make it home in time to have lunch with Alex. He is currently able to come home every day to make his sandwich and leave so you bet I took advantage of this. I made a lettuce wrap type ham sandwich. Jimmy John’s has the option to ditch the bread for lettuce and I used the idea for my lunch. I used romaine lettuce, white American cheese, ham and mustard for the main part and had carrots and pretzels with hummus on the side.


After lunch, I went out to complete the last few items on my list. Alex asked me how I was enjoying my day and I sent him the picture above. His response was “Oh God” haha. I haven’t been to the library forever and needed enough books to last me until next weekend. I grabbed six books that I can’t wait to dig into.

I made it home and was exhausted but felt accomplished! Taking the day off was exactly what I needed. It was so productive! I loved it and wish Wednesday was an optional work day all the time lol. Alex and I had some time to kill so I finished off the bottle of wine that was in our fridge since it was just a glass. We chatted on our porch for a while since it wasn’t too hot. New Jersey is finally starting to cool off and I’m not upset at all.

Then it was dinner time! I cooked some ground beef and Spanish rice for our tacos. I was so annoyed when I found out I bought the wrong can of tomatoes for our salsa but luckily it worked out well. The tacos really hit the spot. I put on the meat, black beans, sour cream, lettuce, cheese and salsa.

After we ate, I sat on the couch to read more. I’m really enjoying my current book, a lot more than I thought I would too which is a plus. Then Alex and I watched an episode of “Burn Notice” before heading to bed. It was a great way to wind down after such a busy and productive day.

Question of the day: Do you think store put out all holiday decorations way to early?

29 thoughts on “World’s Most Productive Wednesday”

  1. Let me know how you like your new shoes! I tried the ravennas and my body definitely did not agree with them :/
    How long does it usually take you to pick out books? I used to spend forever at the library because I’m so picky!


    1. I’m hoping they work better since I changed size by half so we shall see! I will keep you posted πŸ™‚
      It depends to be honest. I have a Goodreads account so I have a list of books I want to read on there. I sometimes will go and grab books specifically on the list so it doesn’t take too long. Yesterday, I browsed the new books to see what they had so that took me a little longer than normal.


  2. That same thing happened to me! I used to love Mizuno Wave Riders, and then one day they tore my feet up on a long run. Switched to Brooks and my feet have been happy ever since:) I just finished “I Am Malala,” which took me WAY too long to get through (almost a month!) So envious of your reading dedication and motivation! And store for sure put holiday stuff out too early…But I am all for decorating right after thanksgiving and extending the holiday season a little bit!


    1. It;s weird how you can wear one pair of shoes for so long and then all of a sudden your feet hate them! I’ve been using Brooks close to 8 years now and have loved them! I hope the new pair works for me so I don’t have to get used to a different style.
      It’s so annoying when you walk into a store and see Christmas stuff already. I actually hate when stores start to play holiday music because I get sick of it since they start so early. Let’s enjoy one holiday at a time.

      Thank you for reading. I hope you have a wonderful day Kerri πŸ™‚


  3. Yesterday was my Monday & today is my Friday thanks to some vacations I’ve been taking. πŸ™‚ I’m in a much smaller place now, so I’m resisting all the holiday decor pretty firmly this year. I kind of want to go window shop a bit though!


    1. Lucky you! Enjoy your trips. I only have a one bedroom apartment so I’m not going decor crazy, just a little something to make the space feel festive. I’ll buy more when the season has passed so it’s on sale πŸ™‚


  4. I am hugely excited for all the holidays, so I actually love it now that the Christmas decorations are already coming out, lol. I totally understand those who don’t want it out yet, but I just love the holidays and they go by too fast in my opinion, so I love it when everything starts coming out. πŸ˜‰


  5. Days like this are almost relaxing in their own way because you can finally cross of some of those lingering ‘to-dos’. Tacos are the best! I know hat you mean though. I’ve accidentally bought the can of tomatoes with oregano in them instead of chiles!


    1. Exactly! I felt so relaxed after crossing everything off of my list. I was so annoyed I bought the can with lime and cilantro since I don’t really like cilantro. I normally buy the fire roasted can with chiles.


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