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Rutgers Packaging Banquet

Happy hump day! It seems crazy that it’s already Wednesday. We’re halfway to the weekend friends. Have a great day 🙂

I want to start by saying thank you for so many sweet words about Alex’s new job! It means a lot to me and he appreciated all of them. You guys are the best!


Tuesday started off bright dark and early at 5:15 am. The morning was the only time I was able to get my run in. I was scheduled for 2-3 miles and wanted to get 3 in but only had time for 2. That’s better than nothing though! It was still dark out so I told Alex exactly where I would be running, brought my phone but didn’t listen to music and carried a small flashlight to brighten the path more. Was that over cautious? Probably but you always hear those stories and I had never run so early in the dark near our apartment so I wanted to be safe.

When I got home, I quickly stretched then jumped in the shower. I had to get together a change of clothes for my dinner after work. Since I wanted to get a bunch of things together, I wasn’t able to eat breakfast in time. I had overnight oats prepped in the fridge so I threw them in my bag and headed out the door. I typically don’t like eating breakfast at my desk but sometimes it’s necessary.


Work went well and quickly. In the morning, I got the above urgent text from Alex. Obviously we talk only about important and emergency things during the day 😉 I spent my lunch break as I normally do by reading. For some reason, I’ve been busy and only reading during work which is so weird to me. I’m excited for things to calm down just a little so I can read more at home.

After work I had a quick outfit change before I drove up to Rutgers. For those that may not know, I graduated with a degree in Packaging Engineering from Rutgers University this past May. Every fall, the department holds a banquet that bring current students, young alumni as well as local companies together. It was my first year attending when I wasn’t a student so it felt weird driving up as a guest.

The beginning of the night was set up as a career fair for the students. Companies are able to sponsor a table and talk to students about packaging at it. My company did not have a table so I walked around and talked to all of my friends that have both graduated and are still in school. It was great to see everyone!


All of my friends that graduated with me and the year before me were put at the same table which was awesome. We were able to catch up during the dinner. I had the beef short rib (I think) with some vegetables and wild rice. The keynote speaker was from Amazon and it was really interesting to see how Amazon is changing packaging for e-commerce #nerd.


After dinner, the director of my program gave an update, a current student spoke, and some students were awarded scholarships. During this, dessert was brought out. I snacked on a cookie while drinking some decaf tea. Normally the event goes way over the scheduled time so we were pleasantly shocked when it ended on time.


I said goodbye to my friends and grabbed my gift bag (the best part of the event) before heading home. Yesterday was Alex and I’s anniversary of officially becoming boyfriend and girlfriend. We plan to celebrate more this weekend but we drank some wine and exchanged gifts. He got me a beautiful new vest that I love and I finally told him that we’re going away at the end of the month to visit his best friend. I’ve kept that a secret since July and was dying to tell him! I can’t wait to go!

Question of the day: Have you been back to your alma mater? I felt weird going as a real adult! 

23 thoughts on “Rutgers Packaging Banquet”

  1. I don’t think your safety precautions were overkill at all – you can never be too careful these days… 😦
    Congrats on your anniversary! Many more to come!


    1. SO true! Which is unfortunate. Luckily we live in a very safe town but you never know what weirdo could be driving by and thinking. I think us women can use some saftey reminders every once in a while.

      Thank you so much! I can’t wait for all of them 🙂

      Have a great day, Erinn!


  2. Happy anniversary! I have only been back to my alma mater once for my younger sister’s graduation. It was kinda weird lol but still fun. I didn’t see too many that i recognized, as most of my friends were long graduated by that point. The event looks like It was fun! 😊


    1. Thank you! We were both so busy we weren’t able to celebrate but we’re going to dinner this weekend and I can’t wait.
      Yes, it’s a nice even the department puts on and a ton of work but it comes together so nicely.

      Have a wonderful day 🙂

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  3. I moved pretty far away from school after college and only went back once! Such a cool experience for you though!


    1. It’s a really cool degree and I love it! Thank you! I’m so happy to have the secret out. I would be on edge every time Alex talked to his best friend because I was afraid he would mention it and ruin it.

      Have an awesome day my friend 🙂


  4. Yay happy anniversary!! I love your texts with Alex – very similar to mine with Frankie 😉

    Those cupcakes look SOOO good!! And I was just at my alma mater (Tufts) on Friday for the career fair!

    Hope you have a great hump day, Maureen!


  5. Happy Anniversary!
    I am new to your blog, what kind of packaging engineering do you do? Random, but I spent 7 years as a designer for food packaging machinery. I met my husband there; he just celebrated his 10th year designing the machines.


    1. Thank you so much!
      Welcome to my blog 🙂 Right now I work at a chemical company but I’ve worked at a consumer goods and a cosmetic company while still in school. I have no idea how people design the machinery so you and your husband must both be incredibly smart!


      1. Haha! It’s a lot of fun. I’ve since moved on from packaging design and am now in more of a quality and manufacturing engineering role dealing mostly with aerospace and medical devices. It’s so nice to see/meet women in the industry!


      2. That’s so cool. It’s crazy how much goes on behind the scenes that most people don’t know about. I’ve worked with a lot of quality people before. I agree! There’s definitely more women in engineering positions now but not a ton.


      3. Yeah, it’s so nice to see. I graduated in 2005 with 2 other girls in my class, it seems to be a little higher frequency now which is awesome. I hope you continue to give insights about your work, I love watching engineers grow.


      4. My major is about 50/50 with males and females, but that’s unusual for engineers now. That actually just gave me a good idea for a post. Thank you! I will share what I can depending on the company’s policy.


  6. Happy anniversary! I live a few miles from my alma mater, so I’ve been back quite a few time (most recently for my 5 year reunion). It’s honestly pretty weird going back every time I do, though the type of weird changes over time. Right about now I’m in the phase of realizing just how young the students seem to me!


  7. Yay for visiting your alma mater! I have been back to mine once or twice to see my sister get awards and things (since she attends Penn State, too!), but not for any alumni events!

    I don’t blame you for being cautious about running in the dark. I used to do it a lot when I lived with my parents, but I definitely wasn’t careful enough, haha. I would listen to music and not carry a flashlight, but I did wear bright clothes!


    1. It was nice to be back but felt weird. That’s fun your sister attends Penn State just like you did!

      I probably looked ridiculous with a beam of light from the flashlight to anyone driving but I don’t care. I’d rather look ridiculous and make it home safely! Luckily we live in a very safe area but you never know what crazy person could be driving through.


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