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1 Year Anniversary Dinner

Happy Sunday! I apologize for the slightly later than normal post you guys. I try my best to get everything up at 8am but I was too busy enjoying myself last night to want to break away to type this up, you understand right? Have a wonderful day 🙂


Saturday morning started with an 8 mile run cut down run. I hadn’t done 8 miles in years so I was a little nervous. In order to keep my times straight, I wrote them on my hand in Sharpie. I tried out a new energy source, Honey Stinger energy chews during it. The flavor was totally fine and I don’t think it had a bad reaction with my body but chewing and running is hard! If you prefer chews, more power to you. This just shows how different people react to different energy sources.


I got home to shower and get ready for the day. I probably looked a little ridiculous at the grocery store with my makeup fully done but in comfy clothes. Who cares, am I right?! I got home and made myself a ham sandwich and enjoyed it with chips and salsa on the side. I had to pull a handful of chips onto my plate then put the back away so I didn’t eat the whole thing. Put chips and salsa in front of me and my self control flies out the window.

Since it was Saturday, Alex and I watched a little college football while getting some things done around the apartment. Soon it was time to get dressed up for our dinner. Earlier in the week, we celebrated our one year dating anniversary and we decided to go out to dinner this weekend so we weren’t rushed or tired.


We found a local Italian restaurant called Romeo’s that is split up into a nice restaurant and then a pizzeria on the other side. It was such a nice night so we asked to sit outside. The restaurant is BYOB so we brought along a bottle of Sonoma Cutrer Chardonnay and it was delicious! We started our meal with some warm rolls and calamari. I don’t really like seafood but Alex made me promise to try it, so I did. If it was a really small piece with mostly breading and only a little squid then I would eat those. Barely any calamari but it counts right??

For our main meal, I got rigatoni vodka and Alex got the fettuccini Alfredo. Both were delicious! We mentioned how we felt like we ate a ton but our bowls barely reflected that. So we wrapped up all of the leftovers and brought them home.As we were leaving the restaurant, a man came to be seated and told us he was going to smoke and would that bother us. We said no since we were going to be leaving soon anyway but both commented on how kind of that man it was to ask! I have never been in a situation like that. Neither Alex nor I smoke so we thought it was awesome for the man to ask us. Yay for considerate people!

We weren’t sure if we would get dessert out but we were both stuffed so we opted for no dessert before heading home to hang out on the couch before heading to bed.

Question of the day: Are you someone who likes to go out to celebrate a milestone or stay home to celebrate?

25 thoughts on “1 Year Anniversary Dinner”

  1. Wooo for 8 miles!! I’ve never chewed anything while running, I just take Gu’s usually.

    Looks like a wonderful anniversary 🙂 I am definitely someone who likes to go out to celebrate!


  2. It sounds like a wonderful way to celebrate your anniversary! My fiancé & I like to go out to dinner for special occasions, and there’s this amazing steakhouse on the 9th floor of a gorgeous hotel downtown that we often choose. They make their own honey from bees on the rooftop!


    1. It was perfect for us 🙂 I love a good steakhouse. The one you and your fiancé like to go to sounds like it has amazing views and food! Crazy that they have bees on the roof.

      I hope you are having a great day 🙂


  3. Nice job on those 8 miles! I like to eat gels bc i don’t love chewing while running either. Glad you guys had a fun anniversary! We like to go on a celebratory date on our anniversary too. The fettuccini Alfredo sounds amazing!


    1. Thanks! Yes I’m definitely going to stick to gels from now on. I’m glad I tried it though 🙂 he loved the meal and the bites I had to were great. Going out to celebrate is so fun.

      Have a good one 🙂


  4. Sounds like a great anniversary celebration, and trying a tiny bite of calamari totally counts! I can go either way with celebrating. I like to go out, but enjoy at home celebrations as well.


  5. Happy one year anniversary! That dinner sounds fabulous! Also, it really was great of that guy to ask if you were comfortable with him smoking, since a lot of people don’t even bother to ask anymore. Joshua & I enjoy going out to celebrate as well as getting take-out and relaxing at home. Most of the time it depends on how tired we are and whether or not we feel like being around other people, lol. 😉


    1. Thank you! Alex and I were bother shocked for lack of a better word since we had never had that happen. It was so considerate of the man. Girl I feel you on that lol if I’m tired I’d rather just order takeout or have a nice glass of wine at home to celebrate 🙂

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      1. My goodness, don’t I know it… Going out is really nice sometimes but other times, it can honestly be the best date to stay home and just be comfortable and relax together. We actually did that for Valentine’s Day–got takeout sushi and watched a movie, lol.


      2. I totally get what you mean. It’s fun to get dressed up and go out but other times it’s totally necessary to get comfy and veg out on the couch. That sounds much better than our Valentine’s Day! I was still in school and had night class until 9:30 then drove to Alex’s parents house (he still lived there then) and gave him his present in front of his mom and twin sister lol. Not exactly the most romantic first Valentine’s Day together!

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      3. Haha that sounds like something that would happen to us when we were dating. It’s still sweet, though, perhaps not the most romantic but still sweet and that’s what counts!


      4. It was a little awkward because I knit him a scarf so then his mom started talking to me about knitting lol. Love his family to death but not the way I pictured giving him my gift. Yes, definitely sweet and you’re right that is what counts for sure.

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  6. Sounds like it was a nice time!! I like to go out!! But usually I’m someone who enjoys staying in on normal weekends so maybe that’s why! haha. Have a great week 🙂


  7. Happy Anniversary! I always have to get leftovers with Italian food, not a bad thing 🙂 Great job on the 8 miles! I used the honeystinger chews during my marathon – took some practice to instill chewing while running, but it paid off!


    1. Thank you 🙂 I’m convinced that Italian restaurants make the portions big enough so you can have leftovers. Chewing while running is hard, I’m sure I’ll try it again but it was a little rough and had to stop since it felt like a piece went up my nose (tmi?).

      Have a great day 🙂


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