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132% Humidity

Happy Tuesday? I hope you had a good Monday and are ready for today. Have a great one πŸ™‚


Monday morning was surprising easy to wake up and get out of bed. I feel like Mondays are hit or miss with ease of getting out of bed, anyone else? Once I was ready for work, I cut myself a square of baked oatmeal and put it in the oven to heat up for a few minutes. Since I’m so picky, I was pretty nervous to eat it. My nerves were unnecessary because it was delicious! I had it with a glass of milk while I watched the news.


For lunch I got back to reading my newest book, “Sanctum”Β by Madeline Roux which is the second book in the Asylum series. I didn’t know it was a series until I read the first book a few months ago. It’s got a slightly creepy feel to it since it uses real pictures from old carnivals. Work was going well until people came to test our fire alarms 😐 I totally understand that these need to be tested for safety but do they have to do it while we’re there? My boss made an announcement to everyone that it was happening but I still jumped a little every time it went off!

Yes it is October and I’m still running without sleeves…I want fall weather!

The entire day was raining on and off so I wasn’t sure if I would be able to get my run in. I’m used to running in rain but if it’s really pouring or thundering/lightening I won’t go. Safety first, right?! It was misting on my drive home but by the time I changed and was heading out the door the sun was out and shining. So weird! The humidity was terrible you guys. I don’t know the exact amount but based on my braid’s frizziness and how it felt, I think the humidity was about 132% πŸ˜‰ I got my tempo run done though. 5.5 miles including a warm up and cool down.

After my workout, I quickly showered and got into pajamas. I got comfy on the couch and continued to do research. For Alex’s birthday and our anniversary, I booked us tickets to fly to Knoxville, Tennessee to see his best friend. We are both so excited! I know his friend will have ideas for things to do but I like doing research too. That’s my Type A personality coming out. If you have ever been there (or know someone who has) please tell me any recommendations you have! I would love to hear them πŸ™‚


When Alex texted me saying he was on the train, I chopped up some potatoes and broccoli and put them in the oven to roast. Before I left for work, I put some frozen chicken breasts and barbecue sauce into the crock pot for an easy dinner. I shredded the chicken once the veggies were in the oven so that the sauce could coat all of the pieces. Instead of a bun, I cut myself a few pieces of the bread I made to enjoy with everything. Dinner was delicious and filling!

We cleaned up and then finished the first part of the Frank Sinatra documentary before heading to bed. It wasn’t even 9:30 so it was clear Alex and I were both exhausted from the day.

Question of the day: Have you ever had baked oatmeal? Now I want to look into more recipes!

25 thoughts on “132% Humidity”

  1. I am so tired of the humidity! Yesterday (and today probably) was just ridiculous. I’m Type A too – but I’ve learned to back off of the planning and go with the flow a little more because of my husband!


    1. Supposedly it won’t be as humid today but it’s still supposed to get to 80 degrees so it’ll still be hot. Alex has totally helped me be more go with the flow which is awesome! I just don’t want to go on our trip and spend half the time thinking about things to do. I hate that.

      Have a wonderful day πŸ™‚


  2. I’m totally ready for fall. It’s warm and dry here (typical). Humidity is terrible, but the dry weather has rough on me this year.. everytime i run my throat feels sooooo dry its terrible. Gah!
    I have had baked oatmeal before, it’s delicious! Crockpot oats are great, too. I am on an overnight oats kick right now though! Happy Tuesday 😁


    1. Me too! I’m convinced we will go from summer heat and humidity to snow and just completely skip fall. It’s hard to get into the fall spirit when I’m wearing shorts and a tshirt out. I’m so happy I decided to try baked oatmeal. I love overnight oats! So good and filling.

      Have a great day πŸ™‚

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    1. It was so good and filling! You should definitely give it a try girl! I’m really hoping fall comes soon, it’s basically mid-October and I’m still wearing shorts around.

      Thanks, Marina! I hope you are having a good day πŸ™‚

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  3. Im interested in trying baked oatmeal. I usually have a smoothie for breakfast but I don’t think I will want those anymore once it gets cold! The humidity has been awful lately.


    1. I had a smoothie 2-3 days a week during the summer since it was so hot. I just made myself bake it one day in order to force myself to try baked oatmeal. So tasty and I have a feeling it will be a staple breakfast for the fall and winter. I’m over the humidity at this point!


  4. Baked oatmeal is great, but I’m loving overnight oats for it’s volume! My favorite baked oatmeal recipe includes mashed bananas, peanut butter, and cinnamon.


    1. Overnight oats are the best!! I eat them all the time lol. But they’re more of a summer breakfast too me and I’m trying to pretend it’s fall even though it’s hot out. Peanut butter in baked oatmeal sounds amazing!


      1. Swirl in the peanut butter hot. Even better: crunchy peanut butter. For a lower fat option, I love mixing in pb2 πŸ˜‹


      1. I followed a recipe! I mixed the dry ingredients and wet ingredients separately. Half of the dry ingredients go into the pan and then I put half of the blueberries in, put the rest of the oats and then the rest of the blueberries. Then I poured all of the wet ingredients on it. I hope that makes sense! I linked the exact recipe I used and can send it to you if you’d like πŸ™‚

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      2. Oh okay, that’s definitely different than my baked oatmeal recipe, haha, but then again mine doesn’t have fruit so of course it’s different. πŸ™‚ I found the link on your blog and pinned it for future use! Thanks! Looking forward to trying it.


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