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Reading + Pizza

Happy Sunday! I hope you are all having a great weekend so far. Have a great day 🙂


Saturday morning, Alex and I got up at 6:30 or so. He was meeting with someone for coffee for work and I wanted to head out on my run while he was gone since we were still at his grandparents. The area they live in is SO hilly! You guys, there was a hill that I honestly felt like I was walking up because it was so steep. I really had to push myself on those miles but I have a feeling I’ll feel stronger soon.


His grandpa made us blueberry pancakes that were delicious! Alex’s aunt and uncle came over for breakfast as well, so the 6 of us chatted for close to two hours. After they left, Alex and I packed up and talked to his grandma so more before leaving. It was really nice to see them since they are leaving next weekend for Florida. We drove by this house and had to stop for a picture. It is gorgeous and now I want to live there ha!


We grabbed some sandwiches near our apartment for lunch since it was after 1. I had a cheesesteak with ketchup and hot sauce. I really need to find a recipe and good bread to make cheesesteaks at home. It seems like they would be simple to make but who knows.


After we ate, Alex had some work to do for both school and his job so I read on the couch. I finished “Play Dirty” by Sandra Brown and enjoyed it. If you are looking for a good thriller, I would check out her novels. Once that was done I started my next book, “All Things Cease to Appear” by Elizabeth Brundage. A husband comes home to find his wife murdered and their three year old daughter alone. He is immediately a suspect (as is typical in that type of situation). Somehow three orphaned boys story is wrapped up into this and I want to know how.


For dinner, I made us a pizza. At the grocery store last week, the premade pizza crusts were on sale so I picked a few up and placed the extras in the freezer.Homemade pizza is seriously so easy and quick to assemble, unless you buy actual dough and don’t have a rolling pin. We topped it with cheese and pepperoni and it was delicious!

Both of us were kind of fried from the day so we had a low key night and just hung out.

Question of the day: What do you put on pizza when you make it at home? 

18 thoughts on “Reading + Pizza”

    1. It was a nice relaxing day which is just what I needed! Hills are no joke lol. I completely forget how hard they are since it’s pancake flat where I live.

      Corn on a pizza?! I’ve never heard of that!

      Have a great Sunday girl 🙂

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  1. Its super hilly in my neighborhood too! I have to run on a treadmill if i want a flat run lol. That pizza looks amazing. How did you roll it out without a rolling pin? I don’t currently own one either lol. Enjoy the rest of your day! 😊


    1. That pizza crust was already rolled out! A few weeks ago, I bought actual dough and didn’t think it threw about how to roll it out. We ended up using a floured seltzer bottle and man handling the dough lol. Total rookie mistake.

      Thanks, Dawn! I hope you are having a good Sunday 🙂


  2. Love homemade pizza! Joshua & I are huge BBQ fans, so I tend to top our pizza with BBQ sauce, onions, chicken, mozzarella, and sausage if I can get it. I really like Boboli pre-made pizza crusts but it’s also not too difficult to make dough at home so sometimes I do that too. 🙂


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