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An Awkward Clothes Mishap

Happy hump day everyone! How is your week so far? Mine feels a little crazy since I’m still doing training for work and my boss is in town. I can’t wait to actually have set hours again. Have a fantastic day 🙂


I got up and ready for work yesterday morning. For whatever reason, I woke up congested which really stinks since I’ve been taking extra precautions to keep my small cold from last week at bay. A hot shower helped a bit but I felt kind congested all day. For breakfast, I had bacon and scrambled eggs with green tea and milk. Do you want to take a guess at whether it was Alex or I who cooked breakfast?! If you guessed Alex you win 🙂

Can you see how the missing button makes for an awkward problem?

So a small clothing mishap happened by 9 am yesterday morning… While my boss and I were checking inventory in the warehouse, I heard something fall. I looked down and the button from my shirt was laying on the box!! There was a loose button on my shirt for at least a year and had never come off. The shirt had been worn and washed multiple times and the button was holding strong. I felt so uncomfortable and self conscious for the rest of the day since it was the button right where the chest is so you could 110% see my bra and skin if I wasn’t careful. Needless to say, I had my arms crossed for a large portion of Tuesday.


After a week of eating turkey wraps, I was back to my normal lunch. I didn’t bring my book with me to read like normal but I will for sure be bringing it once my boss leaves. Reading during lunch helps to reset my mind for the afternoon at work. Plus you need a real break in the work day!

I planned on trying out a run but decided to get my eyebrows waxed instead. I needed those done badly and just took the time to not be lazy and go. My boss and two coworkers invited me to dinner with them so I said yes. I figured it would be a good way to get to know them outside of work and it was! We went to a place near Rutgers called Destination Dogs. The only entree served are hot dogs. There are so many kinds and they are all named after a different city or country. I chose to conquistadog (Spain) which was a chorizo hot dog, fried potatoes, and spicy aioli. It was SO good. The chorizo was so spicy which I love.


When dinner was over, I drove home and got stuff ready for the next day. Once everything was taken care of, I sipped on a glass of EmergenC and typed up this post. Alex worked late so I tried staying up for him but was pretty tired.

Question of the day: Have you ever had an awkward clothing mishap?

23 thoughts on “An Awkward Clothes Mishap”

  1. I feel like button-up shirts always gap on me, even with all the buttons intact. I don’t know what I would if that happened at work… maybe staple it Haha! The hot dog sounds delicious. Hope you’re back to 100% soon!


    1. Certain button shirts gap on me too but I always do checks in dressing rooms to see. I had no idea what to do because I don’t have a staple and didn’t want to explain to my male boss why I needed one.
      The hot dog was SO good! Give me all of the spicy food please 🙂


  2. It’s so uncomfortable when clothing mishaps happen! I haven’t had anything like losing a button, but I once wore a strapless dress which was just long enough that when I sat down, apparently my heel slid over the hem of my dress, so when I stood up, it totally caught and the top of my dress just popped down, lol. I was mortified! Thankfully I was wearing a shrug as well, so I don’t think that much was seen, but it still horrified me and I’ve never blushed so hard.


  3. Oh my goodness, girlfriend ! It’s happened to ALL of us— I’ve had several but in college I wore my shoes on the opposite feet. How do you even do that?! I also would sweat through shirts I was so nervous when I started dating my now husband… one day I came home and was mortified how much I had sweat through a gray tee. The worst! So glad you had a nice time with your boss and coworker ! That’s big for a healthy work environment. Hope you are feeling better, lovey! XOXO


    1. Girl I’ve been there! When I took my driving test to get my license, I was so nervous I had to change when I got home from the DMV from sweating too much. I was on the fence about going to dinner but I’m glad I went in the end. Definitely feeling better now, thanks so much for the well wishes 🙂 Have a fantastic night ❤

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      1. Yup! My chest is much larger than the rest of me so I’ve often had trouble with button down shirts. I’ve just given up on wearing them now lol


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