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The First Of Many

Happy Fri-yay everyone! What’s on your agenda for the weekend? At the time this post is published, I’ll be at the airport getting ready to head to Knoxville, Tennessee for the weekend. I’ll check in when I can. Have a fantastic day loves 🙂


Do you every have those mornings where you’re not late but you don’t have a ton of extra time? That was me yesterday. I scrambled two eggs for breakfast and also wanted something else to give it more substance. Since pickings are slim for fresh food, I grabbed a fruit snack. Was that the healthiest option, probably not but it was better than being starving a few hours later right?

Work was interesting. I spent the afternoon on my own since my boss left to go back to Michigan. I’m definitely more confident in my abilities than I was on Monday which is a good thing! We’ll see how it goes next week when I’m fully on my own.

When I got off work,  I came home and washed my hair. I don’t typically wash my hair but I wanted to straighten it for the weekend. Alex mentioned a week or so ago about how I haven’t straightened my hair in a while so I thought I have the time why not for our weekend getaway.


While my hair air dried (I don’t own a blown dryer), I finished packing our suitcase. For some reason, I was really hungry so I snacked on some carrots and and hummus to fill me up.


I am starting to think that a roasted potato every night for dinner would be sufficient. When I roast a potato, I always have it with ketchup and hot sauce to add a little something something to it. Since we’re trying to finish everything up, I cut some bread up and dipped it into parmesan cheese and olive oil. Not your typical dinner but it was tasty!


It was finally a nice, cold fall night! It’s crazy it just started to feel like fall and it’s the end of October. Alex’s work event was cancelled for the night so we decided to test out the fire place. We weren’t 100% sure if it would work or not even though the landlord said it did. Alex tested it out and it worked, woohoo! That was definitely the first of many fires throughout the fall and winter season. We had some wine and watched “Stranger Things” before heading to bed.

Question of the day: Is it finally feeling like fall where you live? I feel like this has not been a normal fall season for anyone!

19 thoughts on “The First Of Many”

  1. Love nights by the fire! It was 62 in our house this morning…I think it might be time to turn on the heat 😉 I need to fill up the propane for our fireplace too! Enjoy your trip!


  2. I so wish we had a fireplace! They are probably one of my favorite things ever. It just makes winter feel so much more cozy! It was definitely feeling like a nice chilly fall for us during the first week of October, and then summer came back, and it has me feeling cranky, haha. I just want to fully embrace chilly weather already with leggings, hot drinks and food, sweaters and boots…haha. 😉 Hopefully soon!


    1. Girl I feel you!! Alex was SO adamant about getting a fireplace in our apartment while I was more concerned about a wager and dryer lol. You can see where our priorities lie 😉 the weather in New Jersey was basically the same! It got cold a few weeks ago and then got really warm. I think (fingers crossed!) that it’s finally going to stay fall around us. We’ll see if that’s true when I get back on Monday. Let’s hope we both get fall weather soon girl!

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      1. Haha my goodness, that’s so funny about your different priorities. I would LOVE a fireplace, but if I had to pick between the two, I’d certainly choose an in-unit washer/dryer. What I would give to do the laundry in our apartment, lol! Yes, definitely fingers crossed and hoping for consistent fall weather!! That would be so nice!

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