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Knoxville Day 1

Hi friends! How are you doing today? It’s a bit of a rainy day here in Tennessee but we’re going to make the best of it. Have a wonderful day πŸ™‚


Friday started off early for me, early as in 4:37 am. I woke up then ready to take on the day for some reason. Maybe it was from my second Charlie horse of the night or maybe it was from my excitement to finally take out trip. Whatever the reason, I figured it wasn’t worth trying to fall back asleep. When the alarm went off at 5:15, Alex and I showered, packed the last little things we needed and headed out the door. We grabbed breakfast sandwiches before heading to the airport. Alex got a sausage, egg and cheese while I got a bacon, egg and cheese. So good and it filled us up before a day of travel.


Our flight was pretty empty but we ended up getting the whole row to ourselves so we didn’t complain at all. That coupled with an early departure made us pretty happy. When we were boarding, Alex whispered that John Stossel, from Fox, was sitting in first class. Since the flight was pretty empty, getting off was a breeze. We grabbed out rental car and headed to find lunch. While waiting to board, I told Alex how I was mad I forgot to get a pack of gum. When we got in the rental car, I looked down and saw an unopened pack of gum on the floor!


Alex managed to set up business meetings so while we drove to the first one we came across a Subway. Yes we realized how weird it was to get something on vacation that we could have at home but we weren’t sure what else we would find and it’s healthy right? I got a turkey sandwich with pepperjack cheese, spinach, cucumbers, pickles, lettuce, chipotle southwest sauce and mustard. It hit the spot.

While Alex had his meetings, I read my book on a bench in a little town center. It was an absolutely beautiful day so I had no problem getting in some more reading. Although I will say that when I booked these tickets back in July, I didn’t plan on having him set up meetings. Someone had some other plans when he found out his present…


After his meetings, we met his friend Boomer and girlfriend Dana atΒ Bearden Beer Market. It’s a bit of a whole in the wall beer market and garden. We grabbed a few beers and sat outside to talk for a couple hours. I had a few different craft beers that were all delicious. I don’t remember the names of them or the breweries unfortunately 😦


We drove to downtown Knoxville to grab dinner. We put our names on a list for dinner and then headed to another cool bar. It was in an old church converted into a small concert hall and restaurant. The views were so cool and overlooked Market Square which is a pedestrian mall with a lot of restaurants and shops. While at this bar, we met up with one of Boomer’s friends and his girlfriend.


Our table was ready at Stock & BarrelΒ so the 6 of us headed over to be seated. We started off with fried pickles (because last time Alex and I had those ended really well…) before ordering our food. I got the steakhouse burger which had cheddar cheese, crunchy string onions and steak sauce on it. It was so good and was a good way to end our first night in town.

When dinner was done, we said goodbye to Boomer’s friend and girlfriend before heading to Boomer’s lake house. His parents were so gracious and offered up their lake house for the weekend. The four of us were exhausted and after getting the lay of the land, headed to bed.

Question of the day: What are you doing today? I hope the weather is better by you!


11 thoughts on “Knoxville Day 1”

  1. ran 5 miles, now I am baking and sewing. Dinner with my parents later, and hopefully STRANGER THINGS!
    enjoy your trip! I’ve never been to knoxville, but picked an amazing time of year to go and I can’t wait to learn more about that city from your blog!


    1. That’s such a fun day! Running and baking sounds like a wonderful way to spend your Saturday. Love Stranger Things! I just started last week so I’m catching up.

      Thank you! Unfortunately it’s raining and cross so we’re just hanging out at the lake house. I can’t wait for tomorrow to do some more exploring πŸ™‚

      I hope you enjoy the rest of your day, Kerri!


    1. Thanks Christine πŸ™‚ I’ll probably end up framing that picture, I love it!
      I just started Stranger Things but it would be perfect for a cold and rainy day. I hope you have a wonderful night πŸ™‚


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