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Back To New Jersey

Hi friends! How are you doing today? How was your Monday? Today is going to feel like a Monday since I’m back to work after a long weekend. Have a fantastic day 🙂 Happy Halloween!

Alex and I figured since it was Monday we should wake up at our normal time of 5:15 am. It was a little hard to wake up but I’m going to chalk that up to not being in our own bed. Once we said goodbye to Boomer (thank you for giving us your bed for the night!!) we headed out.

Please excuse my partially eaten plate. I was hungry and totally forgot!

We wanted something quick for breakfast before Alex had to go to a quick meeting. Unfortunately we couldn’t find something local and decided either a Waffle House or Cracker Barrel would work. We found the Cracker Barrel first and stopped there. I had the old timer’s breakfast which was two scrambled eggs, bacon, hashbrowns, biscuits and gravy plus grits. I don’t like grits so I didn’t eat those but everything else was pretty good.


Alex managed to get a third meeting with a developed in Knoxville. Luckily it was at a Starbucks so I could sit there too. Although it did feel a little ridiculous since we walked in separately and pretended to not know each other while I sat across the place. I enjoyed a chai tea latte while reading more of my book. I’m still on “The Nightingale” but so close to being done. I highly recommend this book!! I still don’t know how it will end.


If you’ve been reading from the very beginning back in May, you may recall that I now buy ornaments when I travel places for the Christmas tree. This is something my mom did growing up and I love the idea so I do it too. After the meeting, we drove to downtown Knoxville to try and find an ornament but none of the stores were open before 10 am 😦 We decided to cut our losses and just head to the airport. I had my fingers crossed I would find something there. Alex saved the day when he found a magnet that I’ll tie a ribbon too. It’s funny this happened right before security but I’m not complaining since we actually have something to remember our trip with.


Our flight was supposed to leave at 12:02 pm so Alex and I figured we should eat something before it since that was lunchtime. The Knoxville airport doesn’t have too many options so we ended up splitting a cinnamon roll from Cinnabon. Was it healthy? Definitely not. Was it good? Heck yes!

New Jersey was having some pretty strong winds so they were delaying flights because of it. We ended up having departing an hour late but it wasn’t too bad. The last 15 minutes or so of the flight were a little bumpy but nothing too bad.

Once we landed, we ended to our car and drove home. We knew that we would not want to leave the house after we got home so we went straight to the grocery store to pick up food. I took a picture of the list before we left for Knoxville so we could remember what we needed. When we got home from there, we unloaded the car, unpacked and did small tidying up around the apartment.


Neither Alex or I were in the mood to cook plus all of our meat was frozen. The solution for dinner you ask? Chinese takeout. Again, maybe not the healthiest but who really wants to cook after vacation. I had some pork dumplings, chicken and broccoli, rice plus some of the crispy wonton things. I also tried some of Alex’s cold sesame noodles which have a peanut butter sauce on them. They weren’t that bad! I could only eat a small serving of those though.


Once dinner was cleaned up and leftovers were put away, I prepped overnight oats. While I was doing that, Alex started a fire for us to enjoy. We opened a bottle of Merlot to share (Ya know because we didn’t drink enough over the weekend… (Read: we both drank way to much Saturday night)). We chatted on the couch and enjoyed the fire before heading to bed.

Question of the day: What’s you’re go to item when ordering Chinese? I need something with a little more flavor than chicken and broccoli. 

18 thoughts on “Back To New Jersey”

  1. I love Chinese takeout. I like Kung Pao, or some kind of spicy, vegetably dish. I recently tried spicy braised green beans and they were really good. I love the idea of getting an ornament on trips, what a nice keepsake. Hope you have an great day!


    1. I’ve enjoyed Kung Pao chicken when I’ve had it in the past. Maybe we’ll get that next time. Those green beans sound delicious. I can’t take credit for the ornament idea, that’s my mom’s doing. We’ve done it so long that there is now a dedicated tree in my parents house for them. Crazy!

      Thanks Emily! Enjoy your Halloween 🙂


  2. I love shredded crispy chilli chicken! It’s so tasty!
    Myself and Himself have started buying Christmas tree ornaments from the places we’ve travelled to too! I can’t wait til we have bought our own place and can decorate it together!


    1. I love looking at the travel tree in my parents house to look back at some of the places we’ve visited! Yes, my parents have a dedicated tree to all of our travel ornaments lol. I can’t wait until Alex and I can do that in our future home.

      Have a fantastic day 🙂

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  3. I love Chinese takeout! Lo mein is my favorite ever…I always try to make a healthier at home version but it’s never as good! My husband always gets General Tso’s…we are the worst when it comes to choosing healthy takeout! I figure what’s the point?!


    1. Exactly! If I’m ordering takeout I tend to not care if it’s healthy. That takes the fun out of it. I’ve tried recreating Chinese takeout at home and you’re right, it’s never as good.

      Have a great day Erinn!


  4. I LOVE singapore noodles – it has a little kick from the curry but so tasty. Other family favorites are fried rice and chop suey (vegetables in sauce). I really like sauced eggplant but that vegetable absorbs oil like a sponge — not worth the stomachache afterwards. 🙂


  5. That takeout Chinese looks so good! I also never want to cook when we come back from vacation, so I always try to plan something simple, takeout, or a freezer meal or something haha. I have to say, my favorite Chinese takeout items are definitely lo mein and crab cheese wontons! SO good.


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