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Birthday Celebration Round 2

Happy Sunday friends! Thank you so much for taking the time to read today. I hope you are having a great weekend so far! Have a wonderful day 🙂


Saturday started nice and early for a 6 mile run. This was a hard run. I think it felt worse than my 10 mile race from two weeks ago. I texted Alex right before I hit the 2 mile mark and said I was dying (thankful for voice text ha). At that point I told myself I just had to finish 5 miles for my long run of the week. Somehow, I started to feel a little better and said just do all 6. I ended up overestimating my route and finished 6.3 miles. Since I was dying at mile 2 I consider this run a win. 6.3 miles at a 9:48 pace.


I got home to find Alex still in bed. Oh the joys of Saturday morning long runs lol. I got him up before showering and getting ready for our day. We had a debate about going out for breakfast or eating at home and decided to eat at home. Alex whipped up some bacon and eggs for us to enjoy before we headed out for his birthday date.



A few weeks ago, Alex mentioned wanting to go pumpkin picking. We hadn’t had a chance to go so I was curious if any places were still open since it was after Halloween. During my lunch breaks at work, I looked up a few places. Most were closed but I found Alstede Farms in Chester, New Jersey. They had pumpkins and a corn maze. It sounded like a perfect date to me! Luckily the weather was nice and in the high 50s. We parked and saw some animals that we could feed. Alex fed the horse put I couldn’t let the donkey feel left out so I chose to feed that.

We paid for our tickets and headed towards the hayride. There were a few other people there but not crazy crowded which was nice. The hayride dropped us off at the corn maze. There was both an adult and child’s maze. Unfortunately past visitors made a path that wasn’t supposed to be there. Somehow Alex and I took one and ended up in the kids maze. We also missed the map at the beginning of the maze since it was under a rock on a table. I think there was supposed to be worker there handing them out but there wasn’t. Alex didn’t want to go through it again so next year when we do one, I’m making him do it right 😉


We opted to just walk to the pumpkin patch instead of take the hayride since it was such a nice day. The farm had so many pumpkins left still! They weren’t gross either, we saw so many good ones which was awesome. We each picked out a pumpkin to bring home. Alex thought his was about 10 pounds and boy was he wrong! It ended up being 21 pounds!

We walked around the grounds a little more to see more animals and checked out the farm store. I could’ve bought so much stuff from the farm store but I held off. Since we have leftover cookies and would be having cake that night, we opted not to get apple cider donuts. We both wanted to wash our hands before leaving so we headed to the restrooms. I open the door and ended up seeing my friend’s wife. It was such a weird coincidence! The four of us ended up talking for about 20 minutes before saying goodbye.


The drive up took an hour and we were at the farm for about 2 so Alex and I were pretty hungry. We looked around for a little cafe to eat lunch at. Thanks to Yelp, we found Cafe Carriage House. It’s just what you would expect and was in an old carriage house. It was such a cute building so that added to my excitement to eat.


The food was so good! I want to find an excuse to be up in the Chester area again so that I can get lunch or dinner there again. I opted for the Chipotle Chicken panini which had marinated chicken breast, chipotle bacon, pepper jack, roasted pepper, and chipotle mayo. My mission is to figure out how to make it at home because it was so good! Alex had the pepper jack turkey panini that had turkey, lettuce, tomato, pepper jack, and honey mustard. He also thought it was delicious.


We drove home and then relaxed for a little bit before I had to finish the cake! I made a vanilla buttercream frosting from scratch and then used it as a way to hold the layers together and to cover it. I’ve made frosting from scratch before but it turned out so much better this time luckily! In terms of taste it was really good but I need to work on how to apply it to the cake. Some cake was peaking through and I just couldn’t get it covered. Considering it was the first time I had attempted a cake like that, I won’t complain. To top it, I made a chocolate ganache and dripped it around then drizzled the rest on top. The cake was a hit at Alex’s parents house. I always get nervous when I can’t try things before I give them to others but everyone raved about it.

His parents house was low key but a nice night! We all hung out and watched a little bit of college football while dinner cooked. I didn’t get a picture but I had two pieces of steak, potatoes, roasted brussels sprouts and salad. It was tasty! Eventually it was time to sing happy birthday, have cake and open presents. Alex and I headed home shortly after to relax on the couch for a bit before heading to bed.

Yesterday was such a good day and it was so fun to celebrate Alex’s birthday just us as well as with his family. Alex has a twin sister so it was nice to be able to celebrate with her since we didn’t see her on their actual birthday.

Question of the day: Have you ever made a cake completely from scratch?



13 thoughts on “Birthday Celebration Round 2”

    1. It was such a fun Saturday! I was so happy the weather was nice so we could get another outdoor activity in before it gets too cold. Thank you Dawn! It was so tasty and I already have more ideas in mind. Someone needs to stop me lol.

      Have a wonderful Sunday 🙂


  1. That sounds like such a perfect day!!!
    Yes I only make cakes from scratch. It goes faster the more you do it:) I love baking, it makes the house smell good and nothing tastes better!


    1. It really was! I love simple dates like that since they are really fun but not crazy intense.
      It was my first time making a cake from scratch and it was so easy! I’m definitely going to do it that way from now on. When I baked the cakes on Friday night, our apartment smelled SO good! Do you have any favorite recipes?? I would love to hear if you do AJ!

      Liked by 1 person

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