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A Very Wet Run

Happy hump day! I can’t believe it’s Wednesday already. This week is flying by which is crazy. Have a great day friends πŸ™‚


Yesterday was much easier to wake up than it was on Monday morning thankfully! With the time change, the sun comes up as I’m getting ready which makes getting out of bed much better. Since trying oatmeal made us late for work, we decided to stick with what we know and have scrambled eggs for breakfast. I always top mine with salt, pepper and Frank’s hot sauce.

Work was another good day and flew by. I stuck with my usual peanut butter sandwich, pretzels, carrots and spicy hummus. Considering how long I’ve been eating this for lunch, it’s amazing I haven’t gotten sick of it.


While at work, I could hear it raining outside and weather.com said it was going to be raining for most of the night. This made for a very wet run. I think my clothes were soaked after about half a mile. I’m sure I got a lot of weird looks from everyone driving by me since it was also in the low 40s. Remember how I said I wore shorts and a t-shirt on Monday’s run? I wore a long sleeve, 7/8 length pants and high socks on the run last night. I may have jinxed the last of the good weather. Running wise, I got 3 easy recovery miles in at a 10:34 average pace.


When I got back from my run, I immediately hopped in the shower to warm up. I know I should have stretched first but that was the last thing on my mind once I got back. Don’t worry though, I did stretch once I put warm clothes on. Once I hung my clothes up to dry, I grabbed an apple to snack on. The apples from our date back in September are still good. Maybe because we kept them in the fridge? To be honest, I had no idea apples lasted this long.


Alex got home from work and started a fire. Poor guy wanted a fire all weekend but it was always too warm for it. He was very happy to have cooler temperatures last night. While he got that going, I heated up leftover pasta to have for dinner. I sprinkled a little bit of parmesan cheese on and it hit the spot. It’s possible I ate my entire bowl in about 60 seconds. Alex can probably answer that for you if you’re really interested πŸ˜‰


After dinner, we cuddled up on the couch by the fire. Alex did some work to prep for a work event that he has this week while I booked our tickets for Christmas to go back to Chicago. I read more before heading to bed.

Question of the day: What is your favorite running/walking/working out safety device? I’m in the market for one since it’s getting dark so early now.Β 

28 thoughts on “A Very Wet Run”

  1. I’m sure I was getting weird looks yesterday on my run! I really thought I would beat the rain :/ I was bummed I had to cut my run short, but I was not dressed for the weather!


    1. It was raining before I even started so I can’t even use thinking I would beat it as an excuse ha. I never know how to dress for runs in the rain! I feel like regardless of my bottoms they’ll end up soaked.

      Hope you have a great day πŸ™‚


  2. I’m a wimp in the cold/rainy running weather. I still run, but I layer up, even if those layers come off eventually. I went through a phase where I could eat the same thing for lunch everyday a few years ago, now I just do leftovers from dinner. It worked though!


    1. I need to figure out what to layer for running in the rain. I just throw clothes on knowing they’ll be soaked at the end.
      I very rarely will have leftovers for lunch. I opt to have leftovers for dinner instead so I don’t have to cook lol.

      Enjoy your day πŸ™‚


  3. Apples stay good for weeks! I too remember coming to this realization after college, haha. I now know exactly which things to buy when so I don’t have to throw out much food:) It’s all about trial and error.
    I have a reflective vest (I got a 2-pack on amazon for like $8), and I also have a blinking keychain that I put on my jacket zipper. My mom recently got me a blinking armband, too , but I haven’t tried that out yet. I also carry a miniature pepper spray, although I hope never to use it. Marathon training through the winter makes safety gear an essential!!


    1. I guess I just always bought a small amount of apples while in college so I ate them fairly quickly. Now that I know they stay good for weeks, I’ll have to pick even more next year πŸ˜‰
      I’ve been thinking about a reflective vest. I’ve also seen different devices that you wear and hit a button to send a message to certain contacts if you feel in danger so that’s something else as an extra safety device? Who knows! I hope you never have to use the pepper spray either Kerri!

      Have a wonderful day πŸ™‚


  4. My dad eats his dinners so fast – he says it’s because he’s been conditioned since childhood to eat fast or else someone will take it away. Breaks my little heart. But I’m glad to hear in your situation, you ate fast because it was so delicious 😁


  5. I eat the same things most days too- it keeps me healthy:)
    I love my new heel light- it’s nice and bright and yet doesn’t bounce around so it doesn’t bug me:)


    1. I know it is! I rarely skip stretching right away but everything was wet and I was freezing so I made an exception. This is probably bad but I don’t know the names of the stretches, I just do them. I also foam roll after stretching to help my muscles.


    1. Thank you Christine! I really didn’t want to but I know that sooner or later it’ll be snowing during a run so I better get used to wet runs. Unfortunately I don’t belong to a gym so my only way to get a workout in is outside. Eventually I’ll join one but we shall see.


  6. I can totally eat the same thing for lunch and not get sick of it for a surprisingly long amount of time! Crazy!! Also, you’re amazing for being able to run in rainy 40 degree weather!

    My favorite safety device for running/walking/etc is good old mace and a phone!


    1. I’m so glad I’m not the only one who will eat the same thing for lunch all the time. It makes getting ready for work so much easier! Thanks! It was cold and will only get colder as the winter gets closer.

      I don’t have mace but I’ll take my phone (unless it’s pouring like it was this night).


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