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Free Pie!

Happy hump day! I’m so excited for today since it’s a Friday at work. Can’t wait to have a long holiday weekend! Have a great day πŸ™‚


Yesterday was pretty easy to get up and out of bed thankfully. I got ready for work before cooking. For breakfast, I kept it light since my work was having a Thanksgiving breakfast on the warehouse workers break. At home, I had an egg and slice of bacon (Alex’s request). At work, I just had some breakfast potatoes and a piece of French toast.


Work was pretty good. At our weekly meeting, everyone got a $5 gift card to Starbucks which I thought was nice for the holiday. Later on in the day, someone who I assume is a retired employee came in. He was going around saying hi to everyone who he knew. Mind you, I have never met this man but have seen him in the office once before. He came over to my desk and said he had something for me. In one of the shopping bags he had, he pulled out a full pie! I thought it was so incredibly sweet of him and said thank you with what I assume is a look of shock! I’ll report back and see if I’m correct that it’s an apple pie.


After work, I raced home to change for my run. The time change is killing my workouts since I’m rushing to beat the sunset. I had 4 recovery miles on the agenda. Does anyone else think that recovery runs are some of the hardest since you’re going at a much slower pace than you are used to? And yes, I did wear a short sleeve shirt yesterday since the weather was in the upper 50s…


Once my run was done, I packed out lunches for the week and cleaned up from breakfast. Alex texted me saying he had a snack before getting on the train since he had phone calls all afternoon so he couldn’t eat his typical afternoon snack. I wasn’t too concerned…until he said that the “snack” was actually 2 hot dogs. Hearing that made my scrap our original plan of chicken caesar salad for dinner. I scrounged up some leftovers and had a small hodge podge. It was an okay meal but not the best. Sometimes that happens though! I heated up a burger, roasted potatoes and rice to have.

After I ate, Alex and I hung out on the couch. I typed up this post then read more of my book. I’m still onΒ “My Notorious Life”Β and enjoying it! While we hung out, Alex turned on Pandora and we listened to the Bing Crosby Holiday radio. While I still think Christmas should wait until after Thanksgiving, this is a good station for anyone interested in it!


In honor of the Thanksgiving holiday, I’ll be taking tomorrow off but will have a full recap of my day on Friday. I want to take a moment to thank each and every one of you for reading the blog. Reading all of your comments and interacting you all is such a bright spot in my day. To all of my US readers, I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Question of the day: Have you ever been given free food at work?

18 thoughts on “Free Pie!”

  1. That looks like a pretty good pie!! There’s often free food at work, but since I’m gluten free I can’t always partake. It’s fun when I can though!! Happy Thanksgiving!!


  2. I have never been given a free pie! People will often bring food into the staffroom but it’s more, leftovers, etc. We always say that if someone wanted to kill off all teachers – they’d poison food and put it in the staffroom – teachers are so stressed they eat anything! LOL


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