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Thanksgiving 2017

Hello friends! I’m coming at you today with a VERY late post for me. I was going to wait until tomorrow to give a recap but decided I would just post it super late today 🙂 I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving yesterday!

Alex and I said we were going to try and wake up close to our normal alarms so we don’t get too used to sleeping in…well that did not happen. Not even close. We ended up getting out of bed shortly after 7 and then rushed a bit to get ready for the Turkey Trot. Luckily, we found a really good parking spot when we got to Princeton that was just a short walk to the race’s start line.


Overall it was a good race! It started late (which I hate for races!) and they had people holding signs in the middle of the group of runners and walkers which I thought was weird. I get it though, they want slower people in the back and faster in the front but couldn’t they wait on the curbs instead? Anyways…Alex did great! I ran with him and we only walked once for about a quarter mile. We finished right under 35 minutes which I was pretty proud of Alex for (he doesn’t run at all).

Chocolate sea salt and peppermint truffles!

When we got home, Alex showered while I got the final touches for the truffles ready. Alex’s mom asked if I could bring some sort of chocolate dessert and I happily obliged. I opted to make truffles. They were surprisingly easy! Well making them was easy but covering them in chocolate was a different story. On Wednesday night I was so close to tears and it’s been the only time I have ever said “I wish we had a microwave”. Major shout out to Alex for stepping in and saving the day! We finished covering them yesterday before I showered.


We decided we should have a little something in our stomachs, so once I was ready we made some cheese quesadillas for a small lunch. If you’ve never had a little hot sauce mixed in with your sour cream I think you should try it. So good! Then again I put hot sauce on almost everything 🙂


It was finally time to head to Alex’s parents house for dinner. His mom asked for help pulling the appetizers out but otherwise she had everything under control. How pretty was the table we ate at?! It was gorgeous so I took a picture of that instead of my plate. For dinner I had turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, brussels sprouts, corn, gravy and a dinner roll. Everything was delicious! I had seconds of some of it. For dessert, I put a slice of pumpkin pie and one of the peppermint truffles.

After dessert, we helped his mom clean before we came home. Alex is a huge Christmas lover so we decided to make our own little tradition. We will now be sitting on a blanket in front of a fire while watching a claymation Christmas movie. Last night we watched “The Year Without a Santa Claus”. It was the perfect day to wind down a bit after eating and drinking with his family.

Question of the day: How was your Thanksgiving?!

15 thoughts on “Thanksgiving 2017”

  1. Great job Alex! I am also really annoyed when races start late…ugh :/
    Those truffles look so good, I would probably have a hard time not eating them all! Maybe you’ve explained this before, but why don’t you have a microwave? Takes up too much space?
    Alex’s mom sure knows how to host, that table is beautiful! Enjoy your weekend with family 🙂


    1. He says thank you Erinn!
      They were so good and I made sure to give everyone plenty of leftovers so we didn’t it all! We have a small kitchen and a microwave would leave us with really little counter space to use. It’s honestly not that hard to go without which has been nice.
      She is a wonderful host. Thank you! I hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend 🙂


      1. I hope you share the recipe:)
        Maybe you’ll get Alex hooked on running with you!
        I’m enjoying my couch right now with an audiobook and my knitting:)


      2. I might share it! I have to look at all the pictures I’ve taken from the process.
        Alex has been complaining about how sore he is since he got in the car after the race yesterday 😂 don’t think he caught the running bug.
        That sounds like a great night to me!

        Liked by 1 person

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