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Black Friday 2017

Happy Saturday friends! Did you do any shopping yesterday? If so, I hope you scored some good deals. I posted my Thanksgiving recap late yesterday afternoon if you have not had the chance to check that out yet. Have a great day 🙂


Friday morning was such a lazy one and I loved it. We stayed in bed for a while since we never get the opportunity to do that during the week. Eventually I got up and dressed for a run before having breakfast. I opted for an asiago bagel with cream cheese which hit the spot. After breakfast, I finalized the grocery list for the week and headed out the door. The store was basically empty which was amazing! If only every day I go could be that empty…


When I got home, Alex helped me bring the stuff up and we put everything away. Then I headed out for my run. My long run of the week is usually Saturday mornings but I knew we were going out later Friday night and the thought of running while potentially hung over so I ran it yesterday instead! 6 miles with fartlek intervals and a 9:19 minute pace. It felt so good to get out and moving after indulging last night.


I showered and got dressed then Alex and I headed out to grab  lunch. When his sister was over last weekend, we planned on ordering pizza but she had pizza the night before so we went somewhere else instead. Alex was still in the mood for pizza so that’ what we had! Two slices of margherita pizza for me and a slice of veggie and margherita for him.

After lunch, we came home and did some online shopping. Well I did the shopping and showed Alex gifts I thought would be could for him to give people. I would share but certain people read this blog so I can’t. I will say Nordstrom’s had some really good gift deals! I’m so close to being done with my shopping and I can’t wait. Some friends were coming over to pregame so we did a quick clean up of the apartment.


I finished “My Notorious Life” Wednesday and really enjoyed it! With Thanksgiving, I didn’t have anytime to read so I was more than happy to hang out on the couch to start a new book. “You Are a Badass” by Jen Sincero is one I’ve heard a lot of good things about and figured it was worth a read. I’ll report back my thoughts!


For dinner it was leftovers which is the best part of Thanksgiving right?! Alex mom sent us home with enough for us to each have a full meal which was perfect. I had more turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing and gravy. It hit the spot.

After dinner, a few of Alex’s friends came over to pregame before the bar! It was nice to catch up without screaming at each other through all the noise. When we got home, we may have ordered some junk food while watching “The Baby Boss”. It was a cute movie!

Question of the day: Are you a Black Friday shopper in stores or online?

2 thoughts on “Black Friday 2017”

  1. That pizza looks so yummy! And I just started reading that book too! Ben read it and really liked it.
    We did almost all of our holiday shopping with Black Friday deals, but we did it ONLINE! I tried to go to the shops and lasted about 5 minutes before I quit haha. Those crowds just aren’t for me!
    Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving lady!

    Susie |


    1. The pizza was delicious! I’m a few chapters into the book right now and really liking it!
      That’s so smart! I went to Macy’s in New York City last year since my family went for the parade and it was absolutely packed! I can’t imagine doing it every year.


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